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Sunday, 03 December 2023
UP Chairman Kamal Hossain honoured on behalf of Longadu Army Zone

UP Chairman Kamal Hossain honoured on behalf of Longadu Army Zone

Longadu (Rangamati) Correspondent

Longadu Army Zone awarded memorial to No. 6 Mainimukh UP member Md. Kamal Hossain Kamal for playing a brave role in rescuing the body of Chamadul, who was missing in an accident with an electric cable under Ganthachara Bridge from Mainimukh Bazar in Longadu, Rangamati.

Major Rifatuzjak, Acting Commander of Longadu Army Zone, gave this award after the discussion meeting and banquet of Longadu Army Zone on Tuesday on the occasion of Sassar Day.

38 Ansar Battalion Captain ASM Azim Uddin, Upazila Parishad Chairman Abdul Barek Sarkar, Longdu Zone Major Khaled Hossain, Upazila Executive Officer Md Saiful Islam, Thana Officer Incharge Iqbal Uddin and various Union Parishad Chairman, Headmen and local dignitaries were also presentindividualsIt should be noted that Md. Chamadul Islam fell into the water due to a short circuit with an electric cable while a tourist trawler was going under Mainimukh Gantha Rhama Bridge on September 23. Longadu Fire Brigade did not have enough equipment to rescue him.

The next day, the alert team of Ansar under the leadership of Captain ASM Azim Uddin in 38 Ansar Battalion was able to recover the dead body of Chamadul due to the brave role of Kamal Hossain Kamal along with the army, police team. In addition, UP Chairman Kamal Hossain Kamal Mainimukh Bazar has been awarded a memento by Longadu Army Zone for his tireless and courageous role in controlling the fire in Byttapara Bazar.

When Kamal Hossain Kamal was asked about his feelings after receiving the award, he said that I did not work for the award, I just tried to fulfill my responsibility as a human being. But the honor will motivate me to work more. He also said that he will pray that I can work for the welfare of people as long as I live.

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