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Wednesday, 22 May 2024
Unusual heat wave : Kuakara turns touristless

Unusual heat wave : Kuakara turns touristless

Sowmetrow Sumon, Payra Port (Patuakhali)

Due to abnormal temperature and unbearable heat, the tourist spot Kuakata touristless.

There is no noise of tourists anywhere. All over the beach is only sandy beach. An eerie silence prevails along the 18 km long beach. Due to the abnormal temperature, the number of tourists has decreased in the tourist center of Kuakata. Even the long government holidays do not meet the desired tourists. But during this long holiday, the desired tourists did not come to the tourist center Kuakata. Local traders, entrepreneurs said that tourists have decreased this time due to the unusual heat wave.

Locals said that many visitors used to arrive here every day. The beach was bustling with tourists walking in the morning, afternoon, afternoon or late at night. Tourist spots were also crowded with tourists. The waves of the sea are roaring and crashing on the shore. It seems as if there is no one to see these beautiful scenes. Although there are some tourists, they do not come out of the hotel during the day because of the extreme heat. Tourism related businesses have become completely customerless.

Meanwhile, people's life has been disrupted due to unbearable heat wave across the coast including Kalapara. Even the air of the electric fan does not match the relief. Due to the extreme heat, the day laborers are suffering the most.

Farmers in vast areas of the country are disoriented due to intense heat. Crops are scorching in the heat for more than a week. Even with irrigation from deep tubewells and pumps, the situation cannot be kept under control. Even if water is applied to the land, it will immediately go deep into the soil. Mangoes, litchis, lemons and jackfruits are falling in the intense sun. Various water borne diseases are emerging.

Hotel Grand Safa Inre Manager. Saidur Rahman said that there are no tourists in Kuakata due to the extreme heat. At present, it is difficult to pay the electricity bills of the hotel and the salaries of the employees.

Fisherman Md. Harun said, I have been fishing in the sea for more than 30 years. But every year there is not so much heat. During the month of Chaitra-Baishakh there is supposed to be south or east wind. Climate change is making life in Kuakata difficult.

Motaleb Sharif, general secretary of Kuakata Hotel-Motel Owners Association, said that tourists are getting bored in summer. That's why people can't survive. Some tourists were coming on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr, since then, due to the extreme heat, the hotel-motel seats are empty. People coming to the seashore are unable to withstand the heat. Body is getting dry in salt water. The trees that were on the embankment were cut down while working.

Khepupara radar station senior weather observer. Zillur Rahman said that the maximum temperature was recorded at 36.0 degrees Celsius in the last 24 hours. The situation may remain unchanged for another week. So they advise everyone to be careful until the temperature dropsAlthough it rains around Barisal, there is no rain in Kuakata. If there is no rain in the next week, other symptoms may appear. Especially low pressure or cyclone may occur.

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