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Monday, 02 October 2023
UAE Ambassador visits Walton Headquarters, assures cooperation in exporting products

UAE Ambassador visits Walton Headquarters, assures cooperation in exporting products

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Abdulla Ali Abdulla Khaseif AlHmoudi, Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to Bangladesh, said that Walton's production plants are outstanding, says a press release.

They are manufacturing global standard and quality electronics, electrical and IT products. The 'Made in Bangladesh' Walton products have huge potentiality in UAE. Centering Dubai, there is vast opportunity to create new areas of export of Walton products to Middle East countries.

The UAE ambassador made these remarks while visiting Walton Headquarters in Chandra of Gazipur recently.

During his visit to the headquarters, he experienced the advanced technology products that Walton is manufacturing and marketing in Bangladesh and exporting globally. The UAE Ambassador assured full cooperation in expanding the market of Walton products in the UAE region using free port of Dubai.

Chairman of Walton Digi-Tech Industries Limited SM Rezaul Alam welcomed UAE Ambassador Abdulla Ali Abdulla Khaseif AlHmoudi at the headquarters premises.

Walton Hi-Tech Industries PLC.'s Adviser Maj Gen (LPR) Ibne Fazal Shayekhuzzaman, Deputy Managing Director Mohammad Yusuf Ali, Senior Executive Director Easir Al-Imran, International Business' Vice-President Abdur Rouf and Chief Business Officer of Walton Computers Touhidur Rahman Rad were among others present on the occasion.

After reaching at Walton headquarters, the UAE Ambassador enjoyed a documentary about Bangladesh's electronics, electrical and IT products manufacturing, marketing and export sector. He then visited the well-equipped display center of Walton's products. Later the ambassador witnessed various production process of refrigerator, air conditioner, television, compressor, mold-die, laptop-computer, PCB, elevator etc.

At that time, the UAE ambassador expressed satisfaction with the outstanding progress of Walton and Bangladesh in producing international quality products and exporting them worldwide. He opined that there are great opportunities of Walton products in UAE countries.

Touhidur Rahman Rad, Chief Business Officer of Walton Computer Products, said that fruitful discussions on increasing bilateral business relations between Bangladesh and the United Arab Emirates were held with Ambassador H.E. Abdulla Ali Abdulla Khaseif AlHmoudi during his visit to headquarters.

The ambassador said that he would provide necessary support and cooperation to expand business to neighboring countries by using Dubai's free port as a hub or center. He will also assist in establishing connections with the traders of electronics, electrical and technology products of the United Arab Emirates and cooperate in the marketing of Walton products there.

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