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Wednesday, 22 March 2023
Two officers in jailed in Habiganj ACC case

Two officers in jailed in Habiganj ACC case

Habiganj Correspondent

Three people including former Deputy Assistant Engineer of Lakhai Upazila Jahangir Alam have been arrested in a case filed by the Anti-Corruption Commission on charges of embezzling Tk 4 lakh 77 thousand from the government development project in Lakhai of Habiganj.

The other two are former office assistant Habibur Rahman and office assistant Md. Golam Kibria.

On Sunday (January 29), they appeared in the court of District and Sessions Judge Ahsanul Islam and applied for bail. The judge rejected the application and ordered them to be sent to jail. The matter was confirmed by Habibur Rahman, the lawyer of the district office of ACC Habiganj. He said that they appeared in court on Sunday and asked for bail. The judge rejected their bail application and ordered them to be sent to jail.

Mozammil Hossain, deputy director of ACC Habiganj district office, said that former project implementation officer Mohammad Jahan has already been sent to jail in this case. On Sunday, 3 more appeared in court and the judge sent them to jail. Another former UP chairman Enamul Haque Mamun is still absconding.

According to the complaint, female UP member Lutfa Chowdhury was shown in the record paper as the president of the project of 1 lakh 85 thousand allocated for the reconstruction of the road from Kacha Abu Bari to the central Jame Masjid of Bamoi Purwagram in the financial year 2017-18 of Bamoi Union Parishad of Lakhai Upazila. 2017-18 financial year of the same union for construction of road from Vadikara Hari Bari west culvert to Haji Abdul Bashir Mia's house to Vadikara North Shua Mia's house and 2016-17 fiscal year from Vadikara Jummahati to Abul Kalam Member's house for road development project 38 thousand taka. 700 taka as the president of the female member deleted. Beauty Akhtar is featured in the record book. UP members Lutfa Chowdhury and Beauty Akhtar did not sign any record of these three projects and they did not take any bill. Development works including earthworks of the projects have not been done.

Office Assistant. Golam Kibria, former office assistant Habibur Rahman, former sub-assistant engineer Jahangir Alam, on the instructions of the then upazila project implementation officer Mohammad Jahan, filled the master roll of various projects by themselves and signed the project committee's signature to assist in the withdrawal of Kabikha and Kabita projects. It can also be seen that the then chairman of Bamai UP, Enamul Haque Mamun, submitted the list with fake signatures of the project committee president and others to the PIO office.

Basically UP chairman Enamul Haque Mamun and former deputy assistant engineer Jahangir Alam, former upazila project implementation officer Mohammad Jahan, his office staff. Golam Kibria and Habibur Rahman filled the master role of various projects in coordination with each other and withdrew the money of the project by writing the names of their nominated project committee themselves.

He embezzled a total of 4 lakh 77 thousand taka from the mentioned projects without doing the development work of roads or other projects. Iqbal Mia, a former member of Left UP, wrote a complaint to Dud on these charges. Following this, the then Deputy Assistant Director of the Habiganj district office of the ACC filed a case as the plaintiff.

At the end of the investigation, the investigating officer, then deputy director of the same office.

Ershad Mia submitted the charge sheet against them in the court. In the said case, PIO Mohammad Jahan appeared in court and applied for bail, and the judge ordered him to be sent to jail.

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