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Friday, 24 May 2024
Two-day human religion fair organized in Ullapara

Two-day human religion fair organized in Ullapara

Ullapara (Sirajganj) Correspondent

The two-day Manavdharma Mela-2023 was held at Ullapara of Sirajganj with the slogan 'Manush Bhajle Sonar Manhoob Habi'.Bananyakandi N. of the upazila.

The Manavdharma Mela, which started on Monday at the ground adjacent to M High School, ended on Tuesday night. 'World Peace Implementation Association Bangladesh' organizes this fair. Nazrul Sangeet on the first day and Lalon Sangeet on the second day.

In the fair, humanist devotees, admirers and eminent people gave speeches throwing important light on humanism. On this occasion, the event hall is decorated with colorful decorations and the event stage is prepared in a modern and elegant manner.

Casteless, humanistic, non-violent philosophies are promoted in the two-day Manavdharma Mela. So that the recent bond between people remains intact and a beautiful and peaceful world is built in the future.

In the event, eminent artistes like Rabindra and Nazrul Sangeet and international level Nazrul song platform flute artist Neela Taapsee Khan, Gauri Prasanna, Ruma Rahman, Sumon Fakir, Rila Chowdhury, recitalist Titu Munsi from Dhaka performed music and recited poems.

On the second day, prominent Lalan artists from Kushtia and Sirajganj performed music in the program and attracted the hearts of the people.

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