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Friday, 12 April 2024
Traditional Hurricane, Kupi disappearing in Sherpur

Traditional Hurricane, Kupi disappearing in Sherpur

Sherpur (Bogura) Correspondent

The traditional 'Hurricane' others light distributors of Bengal is disappearing in the villages of Bogura Sherpur Upazila.

Hurricanes and others light distributors were once referred to by many as a nocturnal companion. Once upon a time, a postman ran from village to village with a hurricane in his hand. Everyone, starting from the old, would go out at night with a huricane or kupi in hand. But the market is full of various modern electric lamps for which the traditional hurricane others light distributors are the only source of night lights are disappearing.

After visiting different areas of Sherpur upazila on the surface, it is known that at that time, the masons used to sit in different haat markets of the upazila for hurricane repair. Besides, there were temporary hurri- cane repair shops in every market of the upazila. They used to go around to various bazaars and repair Hurricane. Now electric bulb repairers now sit in place of makeshift hurricane repair shops.

Besides, many went to different hous- es in the village to repair electric equipments. But now that hurricanes and others light distributors like kupi are no longer used, hurricane masters are no longer seen.

Rickshaw driver Rofiqul said, once it was not possible to drive a rickshaw at night without a hurricane. But now that the company has released different types of LED lights in the market, there is no need for a hurricane anymore.

A prominent aged figure of the society said, earlier at night, before sitting down to read, we had to pull the hurricane or kupi. But now electricity has reached every house. Moreover, different types of LED bulbs are available in the market at very low prices. Which is why hurricanes and others light distributors like rupi are no longer needed.

A hurricane maker named Robiul in Sherpur Baroduari Hat said that once he repaired many hurricanes with his own hands. But now no one uses Hurricane even if they have it at home. Repair work is not done in it.

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