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Sunday, 29 January 2023
Terrorist attack on journalist Badiuzzaman in Begumganj

Terrorist attack on journalist Badiuzzaman in Begumganj

Noakhali Correspondent

Journalist Md Badiuzzaman ( Tuhin) was attacked by juvenile gang for publishing news in various newspapers including popular online portal Palli News, Bangladesh Samachar Daily, Manav Zamin and English daily The Country Today on firing house of minorities in Ward No. 16 Kadirpur in Begumganj in Noakhali district at 7 pm on Sunday.

Juvenile gang led by Kadirpur UP Chairman Saleh Uddin attacked him on the way to home at Puran Bibi Dhar Bazar inside the Helal Engineering workshop adjacent to the new bridge and launched a surprise square attack.

The youth gang leader UP Chairman Salah Uddin punched journalist Md Badiuzzaman (Tuhin) with a brick and left him unconscious.

Local people came and rescued him and admitted him to Begumganj Health Complex.

In this incident, journalist Md. Badiuzzaman (Tuhin) filed a complaint with Begumganj Model Police Station on the night of January 22. As the accused Salah Uddin Uddin was not arrested until writing this report.

Journalist Md. Badiuzzaman (Tuhin) is suffering from extreme insecurity. They are threatening to kill him and like the minority, they are threatening to set fire to the house of journalist Md. Badiuzzaman (Tuhin), it is alleged.

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