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Tuesday, 31 January 2023
Sylhet's Freelancer Saheed Afridi's success now global

Sylhet's Freelancer Saheed Afridi's success now global

Sylhet Beauro

Sylhet's Freelancer Saheed Afridi is working to eliminate unemployment and the overall welfare of low-income people and speed up the country's economy by using his labor and talent to spread the image of educated youth running for jobs. Under his overall supervision, more than two thousand new Overcoming generational unemployment and successful freelancers and families running on their own income.

In addition to being a successful freelancer in the last 5 years, he has received several awards from the social, national and financial media, including the Rising Youth Award 2022 in the category of freelancer entrepreneur for his special contribution in eliminating unemployment and creating entrepreneurship in freelancing.

Shahed Ahmad, who was born in Sylhet on March 3, 1997, finished his studies and did not run after a job. Within a short time, the philanthropist Saheed Afridi became known throughout the country and in the wider region.

Apart from being successful himself, he has been enthusiastic in financing thousands of young women in the country. A team of more than 2,000 successful freelancers under the supervision of Shahed Afridi is working at home to earn remittances from abroad to enrich the country's economy by advancing Digital Bangladesh with progressive technology and eliminating unemployment in the country and creating successful freelancers.

Shaheed Afridi, who has made the educated new generation of rural villages into successful freelancers, was recognized as the best mentor of ICT Olympiad Bangladesh 2022 at the national level on May 26 last year.

He received the Rising Youth Award 2022 held on behalf of the Rising Youth Institute and the National Youth Career Corvinal at the International Mother Language Institute in the capital on December 13. Former Culture Minister Asaduzzaman Noor and Managing Director of Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Dr. Bikarna Kumar Ghosh presented the award to Saheed Ahmed (Afridi), founder and CEO of Pixel Hat and Pen Consult.

Saheed Afridi said, to be an entrepreneur requires more hard work, talent and perseverance. So no one wants to become an entrepreneur for fear of failure. On the other hand, our new generation is not interested in becoming an entrepreneur and is still running after jobs as jobless educated youth are termed as a burden to the family and society.

In fact, behind every success story there are hundreds of failure stories. Financing is a profession where anyone can easily contribute to the country's economy along with their own success by just using their skills. Therefore, whether there is a job or not, by becoming an entrepreneur, I am working as an encouragement to the young society of Bangladesh to improve skills on technology and eliminate unemployment, keeping in mind the sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

As a result of which every award gives me the power to remove the unemployment of the youth. This war of mine and ours to remove the unemployment of the country will continue.

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