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Monday, 15 July 2024
Students instructed to plant trees as part of their course work

Students instructed to plant trees as part of their course work

JnU Correspondent

Since the last few days severe heat has been going on all over the country. Everyone is feeling the need to plant trees. In such a situation, the land management and law department of Jagannath University has instructed the students to plant trees as an assignment.

This instruction was given by the teacher of the course and chairman of the department, Associate Professor Dr. Sharmin Akhter as an assignment of the department's 'Land Use and Natural Resource Law'. Students have to plant one tree each during Eid-ul-Azha to get the assignment number for the course. Student will get the assignment number only if they send a photo of their planted tree.

In this regard Dr. Sharmin Akhter said that, as it is related to the course, I have given this instruction to encourage the students to be permissive towards the environment and to plant trees. The students' sense of compassion towards the environment will be awakened. They will be motivated by patriotism.

In this regard, Shumonaa Akter, a LL.M a student of the Department, said, due to climate change, the time has come for us to undertake various programs to prevent the heat wave that is currently going on all over Bangladesh.

In such a situation, ma'am instructed me to plant trees to get the prescribed marks for the class performance. After listening her instructions, we were excited. Because of the urgent need to implement tree planting programs as per the current weather and climate conditions, this step is a good start.

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