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Friday, 12 April 2024
Soil cutting from govt land going on in Singair

Soil cutting from govt land going on in Singair

Singair (Manikganj) Correspondent

A group of soil traders are doing the cutting of soil of government scheduled land in Singair of Manikganj.

When Md. Mizanur Rahman, a local identified soil trader, started cutting soil with veku next to AMCO company's downstream in Hatni Chowk of Mouzar Jamirta-Hut of upazila, the local people stopped it. Land cutting stopped due to local residents.

It is known that former MP of Manikganj 2 Constituency SM Abdul Mannan owns 109 percent land rent and made brick AMCO company. Out of which about 26 percent of the land is government owned. The local Md. Mizanur Rahman and other soil traders arranged for the sale of that land. When they started cutting the soil with veku, the local residents stopped them on hearing the news.

When we went to the surface area, the local people said that there are three crops of agricultural land next to that land. Moreover, among the deductable lands there are government lands under Scheduled Areas. If the soil is cut, the agricultural land will be greatly damaged, they said.

Protesting against soil cutting, they said that brick kilns will be closed if necessary, but soil cutting will not be allowed. They demanded the administration to take quick measures to stop soil cutting.

Land owner SM Abdul Mannan said on the phone about soil cutting, I don't know about soil cutting. He also said that there is one bigha of scheduled land in his land.

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