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Wednesday, 24 April 2024
Smile face of farmers : Bumper yield of sunflowers in Chouddagram across the field in Cumilla

Smile face of farmers : Bumper yield of sunflowers in Chouddagram across the field in Cumilla

Zakir Azad, Cumilla

In Chouddagram of Cumilla , with the help of the government, farmers got a bumper yield by cultivating sunflowers on fallow land. Due to the favorable weather, the yield this year has also been good. Farmers have expressed interest in planting more in the future if they get the expected price.

Upazila Agriculture Directorate has assured to provide all kinds of cooperation in this regard.

According to the sources of the Upazila Agriculture Department, this year we have given incentives to 50 farmers, which is double the number of last year. Each farmer is given 2 kg of high quality sunflower seeds, 15 kg of deep fertilizer, 10 kg of potash fertilizer. Yes. Now it is growing and cultivating sunflower flowers on 50 bigha land.

According to experts, sunflower seed oil contains linoleic acid which is good for the heart. If sunflower oil production increases, people will get healthy oil, farmers will also benefit. More people in the area have become interested in sunflower cultivation due to the possibility of high profit at low cost.

Many farmers, including Manohar Ali, a farmer from Munsirhat Union of the upazila, have planted sunflowers on fallow land with the help of the Upazila Agriculture Department. Seeing farmer Manohar Ali, many people are interested in sunflower cultivation.

The cultivation of sunflower in the upazila is increasing day by day. Farmers said that they will grow more sunflowers in the future if they get a fair price. Farmer Manohar Ali said that he cultivated this sunflower due to the sincere cooperation of the agriculture department officials. If he gets a fair price, he will cultivate more sunflowers in the future. Several marginal farmers of the area said the same.

Upazila Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer Al-Amin said that he is encouraging farmers to cultivate sunflowers on fallow land. If the farmers get a fair price, they can cultivate more sunflowers. Farmers of the area said that earlier they used to grow sunflower gardens as a hobby. The upazila agriculture department was able to make farmers understand the fact that sunflower seeds produce high-quality oil.

Chouddagram Upazila Agriculture Officer, agriculturist Subrata Roy said that the soil here is suitable for sunflower cultivation. There is a lot of uncultivated land in this area. This time, sunflowers have been planted on 50 bighas of land in the upazila. We are trying to bring all the uncultivated lands of the area under cultivation through sunflower cultivation. For this, the government is providing various facilities and incentives to the farmers.

We will help those who have planted sunflower to get fair price. Also, if any farmer is interested in sunflower cultivation in the future, we will provide all kinds of support to them.

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