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Monday, 02 October 2023
Smart Bangladesh and Artificial Intelligence

Smart Bangladesh and Artificial Intelligence

Hiren Pandit

Bangladesh is moving forward with the hand of the current Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina daughter of the Father of the Nation. Under the skillful and successful leadership of Sheikh Hasina, unprecedented development has been achieved across the country in various fields, especially the progress of Bangladesh in the past era is noticeable. In this continuation, Bangladesh has entered the era of light of the 21st century.

Sheikh Hasina's Bangladesh is a big partner in the 'Smart Revolution' that is currently going on worldwide. We have seen that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced the 'Smart Bangladesh-2041 Vision' in the inaugural address of the 22nd National Council of Bangladesh Awami League on December 24, 2022. We have seen Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's strong commitment to build a smart Bangladesh reiterated in her address to the nation on January 6, 2023, on the occasion of the completion of four years of her current tenure.

In other words, under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, we are keeping pace with the smart world. Needless to say, through the eyes of Sheikh Hasina's administration, we are dreaming of such a smart Bangladesh, in which the current 'Digital Bangladesh' will go far by utilizing the opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution. Using tools like digital technology and artificial intelligence, the country's workplace will also expand quite a bit. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has designed policies and procedures keeping in mind that there should be enough preparation to do these things and to reach the desired goal.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is repeatedly talking about the Smart Bangladesh Vision, whose goal is 'smart'! Prime Minister's focus is on 'wide digital transformation' by establishing smart citizens, smart society, smart economy and smart government based on knowledge-based society.

In order to build a smart and developed Bangladesh, maximum allocation has been given in the budget of the new fiscal year for education and technology. 13.70 percent of the management and development budget has been allocated for this sector. The importance of education and technology in building a smart and developed Bangladesh is immense. The more advanced the country is in terms of education and technology, the more developed and prosperous the country is. If a significant part of the budget is spent on the education and technology sector, there will be a lot of research in the education sector of Bangladesh. As a result, many good quality teachers, researchers and scientists will be developed, whose talent will be utilized to make Bangladesh a smart and developed country in the near future.

There is a lot of talk about artificial intelligence in the technology world, especially when the use of ChatGPT starts, the discussion about it does not stop. Although artificial intelligence has been part of the digital ecosystem for quite some time. Big companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Tesla and Alibaba have been using artificial intelligence vigorously for quite some time. ChatGPT, a search engine bot that is not only good at searching for information but can also create patterns of information with artificial intelligence, is now creating a lot of buzz and making headlines one after another in the media.

Similarly, we know about other bot programs, especially during the Corona period, and we are very familiar with the bot system in taking various services. Again, Google Assistant can communicate with everyone through language and present various types of necessary information instantly on demand. Who among us has used Google translation, how is the experience? In some cases, it can certainly work, but when translating a slightly complicated sentence, it often creates humor. However, the use of artificial intelligence in ChatGPT is very organized, writing stories and poems, answering test questions, and writing articles on various topics. That means how slowly artificial intelligence is improving.

Virtual worlds are now part of human culture even though artificial intelligence is still in its infancy in our digital culture. Most of the time our experience of digital Bangladesh is generally limited to downloading one or two government forms, making audio and video calls, using Facebook, publishing, creating websites etc. Again, in some cases, the use of various social media including Facebook and e-commerce has started to spread to some extent for the promotion and expansion of business and commerce.

But in the direction the world's economic structure is moving, artificial intelligence is winning and the competition is on to capture the market. Digital technology in the world is changing rapidly and this change is accompanied by the advancement of artificial intelligence. It is said that by 2030, the world market for self-driving cars with artificial intelligence will be 65 billion US dollars and the market for self-driving drones will be 53 billion US dollars. Although there is a kind of suppressed fear of artificial intelligence in our country.

Many people think that artificial intelligence is going to replace humans but in reality, it is not at all. Rather, it can communicate through machine learning, data analysis and management capabilities, and the use of language. In the process, it can impressionist human behavior and become proficient at tasks that are difficult and repetitive for humans. By analyzing data, artificial intelligence can gradually improve its skills and automatically solve various problems and provide services by issuing some kind of immediate instructions.

Artificial intelligence analyzes the characteristics of human thinking and expresses human future thoughts in a computer-controlled system or mechanical way and thus it is creating a new culture. Twenty or thirty years ago, almost all of our culture was about the social world. But in the last thirty years, there has been a great change in the world of our culture. Human culture is now not only in the social dimension, but gradually it has taken a large place in the virtual dimension.

Life, communication, marketing, transactions, entertainment, etc. are all going on around this virtual medium. In this virtual world, the movement of artificial intelligence is gradually deepening. Enriching people's experience of using technology, not just in accessing information. Machine learning and robotics are changing the way people live with technology and all these are giving rise to a new culture in human history and people are gradually getting used to it. Their virtual worlds also become unstable at times, dominated by virtual criminals. Not only humans are involved in virtual crime but artificial intelligence is also used in some cases.

Breaking the security system of a computer system, hacking, and stealing personal information are all happening around the world. We already know about how social media algorithms spread content related to conflict and violence like a storm. In order to prevent them, various artificial intelligence filters are also created which can quickly block various types of violent content.

Digital culture and artificial intelligence in the future could bring a huge change in the way people are employed. Repetitive tasks will become dependent on artificial intelligence and technology. As a result, many traditional professions will become jobless. There is no need for a salesperson in the virtual market anymore, instead, there is a bot working with artificial intelligence that constantly follows the different likes and dislikes of the customer and provides customized service to each one. Similarly, it is seen that many workers in factories are being done by only one robot with artificial intelligence.

We live in an age of globalization, in which no prediction of how technology influences culture is possible. World Wide Wave is no longer limited to waves, it has now been combined with artificial intelligence, and it's hard to tell what the future holds. In globalization, the concentration of power in the world depends on who has control over global technology.

In this situation, our position in the world depends on how well we can adapt to new technologies and related ecosystems. Moreover, it is not only about getting used to it but also about how much control you have over this technology and how dependent you are on it. After digital Bangladesh, we want to make the country a smart Bangladesh, and there is no alternative to get used to a smart culture to make this smart country.

In this era of information technology, artificial intelligence, and the way ChatGPT has responded to the world, more and more new competitors are joining it. As a result, it is certain that there will be radical changes in all fields including education, health, society, politics, and economy in the future. You love someone but can't write your heart out; He will also write the letter perfectly. Your secret love and heartache will be known.

This artificial robot will tell everything if someone has committed a crime, what will be the investigation and punishment, or if anything will happen at all.
You can't code, will teach, if want to learn, will write as needed. If you want to write articles, will write. Apply for a new job, but cannot write a CV or biodata; will write biodata. You know what's more interesting? If a poem is asked to be written in Shakespeare or your style, it will also be written beautifully, and there will be no way to know that this poem was written by someone in the past, which means that the software for checking plagiarism will not be able to do anything in this case.

Any secret code that only you are supposed to know will also be leaked if the artificial intelligence (AI) is not learned to be properly controlled or if there is no control at all.

So, what will the future of the present? Humans may lose their powers or be able to create new worlds. ChatGPT uses its artificial intelligence to provide faster and more accurate answers than humans. ChatGPT is a product of incredible advances in artificial intelligence. Its specialty is that it imitates human speech in such a way that chatting with it does not feel like a machine. ChatGPT is now able to carry on discussions in all areas including its language skills due to training ChatGPT on all kinds of topics spread across the internet.

Its creativity is not limited to answering questions. It can work on stories, screenplays, and even complex software like ours. It is now possible to do unlimited things with it and it is already doing a variety of things. While ChatGPT has proven successful in many ways, it is still far from perfect. As we ourselves make mistakes, just like us, ChatGPT makes a lot of mistakes. But, ChatGPT is training itself properly using our experience of communicating with you. As a result, the more we use this platform, the more ChatGPT's system will continue to improve.

The writer is a, columnist and a researcher


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