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Thursday, 28 September 2023
Siblings among 5 held for grandfather’s murder in Chawkbazar

Siblings among 5 held for grandfather’s murder in Chawkbazar

Staff Correspondent

Five people, including two grandchildren of a murder victim, were arrested from Chawkbazar, Munshiganj and Chandpur for their alleged involvement in the killing.

Chawkbazar mosque president Mansur Ahmed was killed in his home at Khaje Dewan Lane in Chawkbazar on November 17.

The arrestees were identified as Mansur’s grandson Shahadat Mubin Alvi, 20, his granddaughter Anika Tabassum, 23, Anika’s friend Raju, 22, and Raju’s younger brothers Raihan and Sayeed.

"Anika is a student at a private dental medical college while her brother Alvi studies at a higher secondary school," said Biplob Bijoy Talukdar, joint commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan Police, in a press conference at DMP's media centre on Wednesday.

The two planned a robbery after the family refused to give them money to travel. Anika involved her friend Raju in the plan.

Biplob Bijoy Talukdar said they were arrested from Chawkbazar, Munshiganj and Chandpur after a two-day operation on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Police said after investigating the crime scene, a syringe was found which justified the incident to be a murder.

“CCTV footage of several places around the house were collected and reviewed. After the review, Anika and Alvi were identified and arrested from Chawkbazar. Based on the information given by them, their friends Raju, Raihan and Sayeed, who were directly involved in the murder, were arrested from Munshiganj and Chandpur,” the DMP joint commissioner said.

“The group planned to steal the money while most of the family were away at a wedding on November 17. Later, they fled with cash and gold ornaments,” said the police official.

Police recovered Tk 62,500 of the Tk 92,000 stolen from the house in Bakshibazar.



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