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Wednesday, 29 November 2023
Seminar with stakeholders in Hong Kong : Expanding labour market, increasing employment of women workers aim at

Seminar with stakeholders in Hong Kong : Expanding labour market, increasing employment of women workers aim at


Diplomatic Correspondent

A seminar titled "Exploring Opportunities for Recruiting More Domestic Helpers from Bangladesh" was held with the relevant stakeholders to expand the labour market of Bangladesh and increase the employment of Bangladeshi women workers in Hong Kong.

The seminar was held on Thursday (November 16) by Bangladesh Consulate General, Hong Kong with Consul General Ms. Israt Ara in the chair to increase the employment of Bangladeshi women workers in Hong Kong, protecting the interests and rights of workers and ensuring safe and regular immigration.

Conducted by First Secretary (Labour) Zahidur Rahman, officials from various departments of the Hong Kong Labour Department, at least 40 reputable employment agencies in Hong Kong, presidents of the Association of Employment Agencies and related employers were present.

Besides, the Managing Director of Bangladesh Overseas Employment Services Limited Boesel (BOESL) from Bangladesh Mallik Anwar Hossain along with other officials of Boesl, Director of BMET Engineer Md. Salahuddin, the proprietor of various recruiting agencies in Bangladesh, principals and instructors of respective technical training centers were connected online.

Managing Director of Boesel in his speech, thanked for connecting him and sought the cooperation of those concerned in recruiting more workers in Hong Kong by suggesting some problems and their solutions regarding the recruitment of trained workers.

The Consul General in his welcome address expressed interest in the Labor Department. He also mentioned the steps taken by the consulate in this regard. Besides, Association of Bangladesh along with BMET requested to conduct employment agency to recruit more number of workers. He also sought the cooperation of the Hong Kong Labor Department for training on the necessary subjects as per the needs of the employer.

In this seminar, the Hong Kong government's interest in recruiting more women workers from Bangladesh to Hong Kong was informed, highlighting the skills and experience of Bangladeshi women workers and the quality of ongoing training in existing training centers in Bangladesh, and Hong Kong employment agencies were invited to recruit more workers from Bangladesh. Many recruiting firms appreciate Bangladeshi women workers working in Hong Kong employers also encouraged.

Besides, both the Hong Kong Employment Agency and Bangladeshi recruiting agencies gave their views on identifying and overcoming some of the barriers to employment. In addition, Hong Kong also mentioned the qualifications required by the employers regarding the language skills and professionalism of the Bangladeshi training center workers online in front of the interested new agencies.

After learning about the Bangladeshi manpower, their skills and training, the recruiting organizations who participated in the seminar expressed their interest in recruiting workers from Bangladesh and later organized job fairs in Bangladesh to increase the interest of Bangladeshi workers in Yogkong along with the related Labor Welfare Wing, increased publicity campaigns, in Cantonese as well as in English. Various views and suggestions on strengthening training with skills etc. are discussed.

In order to create more employment opportunities, the agencies have assured their cooperation on the one hand, on the other hand, the consulate has also assured all kinds of cooperation in recruiting staff from Bangladesh. The visiting guests were thanked by the consulate for organizing the seminar.

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