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Thursday, 29 February 2024
Role of family education and religious values ​​in shaping life

Role of family education and religious values ​​in shaping life


By Md. Zillur Rahaman

The current time is dominating social media and Internet and in this age, it is very difficult to maintain one's character. At present, when we focus on the family and the society, the aspect of immorality comes to the fore.

Bribery, corruption, terrorism, extortion, eve-teasing, rape, drug trafficking, etc. have polluted the society. Many say that due to lack of proper supervision of parents, good moral education and religious discipline, such untoward incidents are constantly happening, in which, on the one hand, is an unwelcome and tragic event, just as it is by no means desirable or acceptable.

People from different walks of life including parents, siblings, neighbors consider family education and religious discipline as insignificant in the need of character.

The role of parents is very important in family education and religious discipline. Parents and guardians need to come forward to build the character of the youth in the family and society. The importance of good family education and religious discipline in all areas of life is immense, not only in the eradication of drugs and terrorism.

There are many parents and guardians who do a lot for their children but they completely ignore the character of their child. Don't care at all what are they doing.

Tradition and modernity do not allow religion to approach! As a result, it affects the children's future life at every turn. They take care of all the destructive deeds and involved in all immoral activities. So we need to delve into religious rules and books to build character. It is very important to keep trying to implement it in practical life.

For this, in the formation of character, it is necessary to give utmost importance to following the religious discipline. We have to make the youth interested in religious discipline, where islam or any religion never supports anything that is ugly or tasteless or support the society.

Rather it makes them eager to get rid of them, so there is no substitute for good family education and religious discipline to make people fully characterized.

In fact, in today's society, the sense of responsibility of the family is cutting down and its importance is diminishing. As a result, none of the parents, brothers and sisters are feeling proper responsibility towards each other. We are very tired of running after this materialistic society.

Both the parents are not able to give the required time to the child as they are running after jobs and money. As a result, children do not care about parents or adults. In a small matter, the family system is breaking up and collapsing.

The boys and girls are following and imitating them and later on these are being reflected in them. In many cases, it is also failing to introduce a minimum sense of humanity and responsibility. Not getting the real education of being human from family.

Since both the parents are employed, they are often unable to pay due attention to the well-being of the child even if they want to. As a result, children are being deprived of moral values and good family education from the supervision of home teachers or housemaids and many children are going astray, which is making the individual, society and the state think extremely.

Raising children has become a big challenge for parents nowadays and it has become more difficult to raise a child as the right person, because nowadays children want a little more freedom, and they are a little more sensitive. So many disasters happen very easily.

In fact, the primary education of a child is started from his family and an effect of family education is always observed in the environment in which he grows up. So every parent should follow some rules in child rearing.

The importance of good family education and religious values is immense in mental development and formation of moral character, basically the handcuffs of the child's education in the mother's lap. The child gets primary education from the family. As a result, the family is the first education of human children.

The child's values, character, consciousness and beliefs are born from the family. Just as parents cherish the ideal, so do their children. The family is like a well-arranged garden full of love and affection where each member has ample opportunity to develop his character traits.

Enriched with moral virtues, they beautify and enchant the surrounding environment. It is a safe haven that protects the baby from all kinds of filth and attacks from outside.

Parents and family members have to play a leading role in raising a child as an ideal human being. Occasionally the child has to be taken close to nature somewhere near or far.

Children can learn a lot while traveling but in today's urban society, many parents are busy in their workplace. As a result, the child is deprived of as much time as he deserves. So children spend time watching cartoons and playing mobile games and it contains all the strange thoughts in his brain.

It is possible to be educated by studying from an academic educational institution, but without good moral education and religious values from the family, all education fades away at once, what every human being needs most is family moral education. Because civility, politeness, morality, gratitude, respect for one another, kindness, generosity of mind - these are not things that can be acquired from an institutional institution, these are rooted in the upbringing of family values and good education.

According to sociologists, family is the foundation of social life and the family is the beginning of social and moral education. The family can be compared to the heart of society.

If this heart becomes weak or crippled then the whole social system will be crippled. Weak family arrangements are to blame for much of the decline in the value of social life.

The family is the best school for the primary and moral education of the child. This is where the foundation of his character came from. Therefore, the main responsibility of parents in the family is to educate the child in moral education from childhood.

Parents need to be friendly with their children, then the child will share everything with the parents. The child who learns to share is never without ideals. It is not right for a child to be polite and idealistic only if the home environment is good. You have to keep an eye on who the child mixes with and makes friends with.

From the age of five to six years, the child develops his own self-esteem. From an early age, good education should be discussed and practiced in front of the child.

Just as academic education is required to be educated, the child needs to be nurtured with a sense of civility, decency, morality and gratitude in order to be a carrier of a healthy mindset. In short, the children of prudent parents or guardians are the ideal people in the society. It is natural that the child of an ideal family will be a good child.

There are two aspects to childcare. One. Physical care, i.e, taking care through proper food supply. Two. Mental care, i.e, to increase the mental well-being of the child in addition to the physical well-being of the child, to try to build his mind and character, to give him food of advanced thought in addition to physical food.

How much we teach our child! How much labor I spend behind them! But our children get degrees in higher education from big educational institutions at home and abroad.

But religious values and good family education are not given. In many families, religious education is given a negative impression and the child is made to dislike religious education. As a result, our children are always deprived of moral education. When they grow up, they become involved in immoral activities.

The child's first school is his family. His parents were his first teachers. Parents' behavior, work is his subject. However, the role of the mother is more than the role of the father in the development of the child's morality. Because children get closer to their mother than their father, that is why parents can give the gift of good education to the ideal child.

If the parents of the child can develop him through good moral education and care, then a unique character develops in him. He is an enlightened man. In this human society of the world, it blooms and spreads light.

However, it is not difficult to make the character beautiful if one can follow the religious rules. There are many people who feel uncomfortable when they hear about religion, they sneeze.

But only good family education and religious discipline can express the character of a person differently and make him worthy. Creating a good moral education and religious environment in one's family and society will make it easier for young people to build character. Lack of good family education and religious environment makes it much easier to prevent those who go astray and go out of control.

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