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Monday, 25 September 2023
Road blockade in Habiganj demanding stop of load-shedding

Road blockade in Habiganj demanding stop of load-shedding

Habiganj Correspondent

Habiganj residents" blocked the road in front of the District Commissioner's office to demand an end to electricity load-shedding and tree felling in Habiganj.

On Thursday at 10 am, students, youth, cultural activists, environmental activists and all levels of people blocked the road under this banner. As a result, the city of Habiganj became virtually immobile due to traffic congestion.

Prior to this, the agitators held a short rally in front of the District Commissioner's office. Mahmuda Khan, the former president of the Habiganj District Parliament of Students Union, and Anas Mohammad, the current assistant general secretary of the Habiganj District Parliament of the Students' Union, addressed the rally. Kumar Dev, Muktanchal Habiganj Member Advitya Dhar Padya.

Cultural activist Sheikh Usman Gani Rumi, chief organizer of Basad (Marxist) Habiganj District Comrade Shafiqul Islam, president of Habiganj Musical Band Community HMBC Tasnimul Hasan Tanim, student and social movement activist Nadia Khan, students Rohit, Nihan, students of various institutions of Habiganj, lawyers and journalists were present in the rally. Many were present.

After the rally, the protesters blocked the road and sat down. The siege lasted for two hours. At one point Rakib, the officer in charge of Habiganj PDB came and assured to resolve the electricity crisis in Habiganj soon.

He said, we will bring more electricity from the national grid for Habiganj. He further said that from today (yesterday Thursday) the load shedding will be less than before and within this week the load shedding will be resolved by bringing sufficient electricity from the national grid to Habiganj town.

At one stage, on the invitation of Deputy Commissioner Ishrat Jahan, a delegation of 9 members on behalf of the agitators went to his office and sat for discussion.

Former student leader and development activist Mahmuda Khan, student leader Pranab and Imdad Mohammad presented their demands before the Deputy Commissioner on behalf of the protesters.

In view of the demand, the Deputy Commissioner assured to take necessary steps to stop the cutting of trees on the Habiganj-Shaistaganj road.

Besides, he assured to take measures to reduce load shedding in Habiganj city by adding sufficient amounts of electricity from the national grid and opening the ground of Habiganj Government High School.

The delegation of agitators to the discussion with the District Commissioner also included Brinda Panth Das, Devjyoti Pal Utsha, Anas Mohammad, Birendra Munda, Advitya Dhar Padya, students Jammu and Mimtaha.

In view of the assurance given by the Deputy Commissioner, the agitators announced the suspension of the movement and if these problems were not resolved immediately, they announced to come down with a more stringent program later.

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