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Sunday, 19 May 2024
Rape case accused Arnab's new trap of cheating

Rape case accused Arnab's new trap of cheating

Staff Correspondent

Dinajpur rape case accused Rahmatur Rafsan Arnab is now allegedly involved in new fraud in the capital city . The drug business is also being run by him at a fast pace. Many victims have filed multiple cases in Dinajpur and Dhaka city after falling victim to blackmailing by falling into his love trap and losing everything.

This fraudster has taken a huge amount of money in two number ways by establishing physical relations with young women in the trap of love and later blackmailing them.

In addition, there are allegations against this fraudster, who is known as "North Bengal tout", allegedly misappropriated huge money from the innocent people in the name of drug trade, giving jobs and sending people abroad. Many ordinary people are currently have become helpless losing everything in the clutches of his fraud.

He pretends to be DIG Mamun's son and harasses innocent people. Arnab continues his deception by misusing the police force under false identity and trapping the common people with various tricks, but the police is playing the role of a silent spectator due to mysterious reasons. Impostor Arnav using the identity of DIG Mamun has been doing various irregularities like using police stickered car and police officer's cap for illegal activities, but the police's silent role in this matter has raised many questions. According to multiple sources who do not wish to be named.

Arnab spread various types of drugs including Yaba from Cox's Bazar by using the police van and putting on DMP stickers and using hoodar under the false identity of the son of the police DIG.

After searching, it is learnt that there is no DIG named DIG Mamun. Earlier, Arnab has been jailed several times in the case of rape and blackmailing young women under the cover of a Chinese restaurant named Legacy in Dinajpur town . This fraudster started restaurant business in Dinajpur city by cheating innocent people of his hometown Sirajganj and stealing money. But as in the village proverb in Bengali “Dhenki Saarga Geleo Dhan Bane” Arnab continued his misdeeds and deceptions in Dinajpur as well.

In this case, the restaurant business is used as a signboard. Cheater Arnav was arrested in Dinajpur Sadar Police Station on the charge of raping a young customer of his legacy restaurant. The father was released on bail from the rape case after receiving special privileges as a police officer. With his mask unmasked in Dinajpur, the fraudster known as the "Tout of North Bengal" once again spread his web of fraud in the capital.

Apart from this, he has killed many young women and sent them abroad in the name of giving them jobs in various companies including his own company. As part of the regular fraud, various industrialists and rich people of the capital lured the girls into love traps and raped them with the lure of marriage and captured crores of taka by subtly filming the videos.

Among them, he grabbed two and a half million taka and two cars from Jannatul Ferdous Eva, the so-called daughter of an industrialist. Basically, after establishing a restaurant in Dinajpur, his misdeeds and fraud started to spread. After he was arrested in a rape case while continuing his misdeeds and blackmailing, his deception came out like a python digging up earthworms. At present, several unconfirmed sources have said that besides spending the night with young women of rising age in various residential hotels of the capital, he is getting drunk with alcohol and women in the elite clubs of Dhaka.

A young victim, who did not want to be named, said that she was lured into a love trap and blackmailed by putting screenshots of various offensive pictures in video calls and extorted a huge amount of money. The victim embezzled a total of Tk 1 crore 27 lakh from this young woman through blackmail including Tk 60 lakh in cash, Tk 35 lakh for 50 gold bars, Rs 22 lakh for a Toyota Premio car and Tk 10 lakh for a Nissan car with a market value of Tk 10 lakh.

In view of this fraud, on April 5, 2022, the victim filed a case under section 8 (2) of the Pornography Control Act and 9 (1) of the Women and Child Abuse Act of 2000, amendment of the Women and Child Abuse Act of 2003.

On the other hand, this fraudster took 10 lakh taka from Anamika, a young woman of Malibagh of the capital, by having physical relations with her and taking pictures of special moments.

Besides, by blackmailing two other young women named Sharmin Akhter Mau and Tanjila Khandkar of Old Dhaka, they have allegedly taken away about fifty crore taka from both of them. The victims expressed their regret to this reporter and said, "We want an exemplary punishment of the fraudster."

Besides, he continued his deception by breaking the names of various MPs, ministers and political influence. Not only this, this criminal also moves with the official vehicle used for police work and police protocol by using the influence of his father. Photographic evidence of this is in the hands of our reporter.

To find out about this, police inspector Zahid's personal mobile phone was tried several times, but he did not receive the call of this reporter to cover up the misdeeds of the child.

When the accused Arnab called to seek comments in this regard, he declined it knowing the identity of the journalist.

Rape case accused Arnab's new trap of cheating

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