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Monday, 15 July 2024
Putin Addresses 2023 St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

Putin Addresses 2023 St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

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President Vladimir Putin addressed the participants, organizers, and guests of the upcoming 26th edition of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, which will open its doors on June14, 2023.

Traditionally, the rich and substantive agenda of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) covers a wide range of relevant and significant topics. Scholars and entrepreneurs, politicians and public figures will discuss the key trends and prospects of the Russian and global economy, as well as the profound systemic changes that are gaining momentum today.

The president noted that the Russian business community is actively operating in today's economic realities and once again expressed his gratitude to the leaders and teams of companies and organizations that have done a lot to overcome the severe consequences of illegitimate sanctions against Russia.

One of the priorities is to stimulate the labor market. The implementation of lean production technologies and the modernization of enterprises will require close cooperation between the state and the business community. Of course, according to the Russian president, the system of personnel training and retraining must be adjusted and the Russian employment service must be improved.

President Vladimir Putin expressed confidence that the forum will continue to contribute to solving global economic challenges and serve as an example of constructive and fruitful dialogue, and wished all participants success and the very best.

The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum stands as a pivotal hub for engaging discussions surrounding the Russian economy and global matters. Last year’s SPIEF 2022 witnessed an impressive turnout of more than 14,000 participants hailing from 130 countries.

This notable gathering fostered an environment ripe for fruitful exchanges and yielded remarkable outcomes, including the signing of approximately 695 agreements with an estimated total value of 5.6 trillion rubles. The event truly exemplified its significance on the global stage, demonstrating the unwavering commitment of diverse nations towards economic cooperation and growth.

Source: sputnikglobe.com

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