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Monday, 25 September 2023
Powerful bomb explodes in Benapole transport office

Powerful bomb explodes in Benapole transport office

Benapole Correspondent

A powerful bomb exploded in a transport office in the port city of Benapole. A wall of the office collapsed in the blast. Cracks appeared in many other walls of the office.

One person has been arrested in this incident.Police said that 4 cocktails were recovered.

The incident took place in the early hours of Thursday morning at the office of Alif Transport Agency at Chhota Achhra Junction in Benapole.

Kamal Hossain Bhuiyan, OC of Benapole Port Police Station said, We reached the spot as soon as we got the news. The nearby shop was also damaged in the blast. Bomb-making equipment was recovered from the spot and police cordoned off the spot.

He said that Picchi Liton alias Sola Liton of the local Kharidanga village used to rent a shop inside the residential area and trade in Indian fish truck coxsits.

Besides, he used to do truck and trailer rental business through Alif Transport. The owner of the office is transport businessman Habibur Rahman. Picchi Lytton was arrested with 4 cocktails.

Locals said that Picchi Liton had a dispute with other transport companies regarding the arrangement of trucks and trailers. In addition, Litton had a syndicate business of cork seats and chaff in fish trucks imported from India.

Lytton was the owner of the syndicate. He had a dispute with other cork seat traders about this. Lytton may plant a bomb in the office to maintain dominance.

Benapole Port Police Sub-Inspector Sohail Mahmud said, "We are investigating the matter of the explosion. Legal action will be taken against those involved in the incident."

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