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Sunday, 14 July 2024
Potatoes, onions, eggs not being sold at the set price in Chatmohar markets Market monitoring necessary

Potatoes, onions, eggs not being sold at the set price in Chatmohar markets Market monitoring necessary

Chatmohar (Pabna) Correspondent

Despite the Commerce Minister’s fixing the prices of three agricultural products, they are not being sold as per the announced prices. According to the announcement, each farm's egg is supposed to be sold at 12 taka, potatoes at retail level at 35-36 taka and onions at 64-65 taka, but these products are not being sold at the price fixed in Chatmohar. As a result, consumers are being cheated.

On Monday (September 18), this information was found after searching the market area of Chatmohar police station. Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi fixed this price in a press conference last Thursday.

Bellal Hossain, a retail vegetable seller, said that currently Holland (Cardinal) potatoes are being sold at Tk 45 per kg, desi potatoes at Tk 55 and onions at Tk 75 per kg. Indian onion is being sold at Tk 60 per kg.

Owner of Rakib Traders, wholesaler Ajibur Rahman said that wholesale Holland (Cardinal) potatoes were sold at Tk 39, local potatoes at Tk 49 and onions at Tk 66 to Tk 68 per kg.

Sushant Bagchi, the owner of Shubo Dim Aarat in Chatmohar Zero Point area, said that each egg is being sold wholesale at 11 taka 20 paise.

Munnaf Hossain, a fruit seller of Baluchar Mahalla in the town center, said that eggs are being sold at Tk 50 per egg. Despite the price fixing by the government, the price of potato and onion did not come down. These two products are being sold at the previous price. He demanded the relevant authorities to strengthen market monitoring to control the price of products.

In this regard, the president of Chatmohar Traders Association, Mokhlesur Rahman Vidyut said, I have spoken to some wholesale traders in this regard. Traders said that potatoes and onions are not available at the fixed price in the ware house ‘Mokam’. The wholesalers have to buy these products at a higher price than the fixed price from Mokam, so they have to sell at a higher price.

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