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Wednesday, 29 November 2023
PM will not bow down to any external pressure: Shahriar

PM will not bow down to any external pressure: Shahriar

Staff Correspondent

State Minister for foreign affairs Md Shahriar Alam today said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina would not bend down to any external pressure as source of her government's power is the mass people of this country.

"Our leader Sheikh Hasina will not bend down to any external pressure to derail the nation from its constitutional path towards democracy and fundamental freedom," he said.

The state minister was delivering the keynote speech at a seminar titled "Promotion and Protection of Human Rights: Bangladesh Perspective" held at Foreign Service academy in the capital.

Alam said that people of Bangladesh would determine who will rule this nation, neither any "external power nor any internal conspiracy" will be able to determine this.

"Let me very clear today, we the soldiers of Bangabandhu will never give up our fight to protect the democracy, human dignity and fundamental freedom on this soil," he said referring to the recent statement of 15 diplomatic missions in Dhaka made marking the international human rights day.

The state minister called upon the concerned foreign missions in Dhaka to refrain from breaching diplomatic norms and etiquette and from interfering into the internal affairs of Bangladesh.

"Before pointing finger to someone, please see yourselves in the mirror," he added.

Alam said the Bangladesh government is patient and cordial to its foreign guests and is sincerely willing to maintain friendly relations to all nations, "but we do have some red lines".

Foreign Minister Dr A K Abdul Momen presided over the seminar while Law, Justice, and Parliamentary Affairs minister Anisul Huq also spoke.

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