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Wednesday, 29 November 2023
Pitha Utsab held at KYAU

Pitha Utsab held at KYAU

Shahzadpur (Sirajganj) Correspondent

Khwaja Yunus Ali University ( KYAU) is now full of natural beauty and surrounded by greenery built on the banks of Jamuna river in the lap of rural nature of Sirajganj.

The university has organized pitha festival this year like every other year. Other times, only the pharmacy department introduced Mulsiana in their pitha festival, but this time other departments are not behind.

So, on entering the main photo of the university on a winter morning, we saw rows of pitha shops and mouth-watering pithas in colorful colors.

On the one hand, along with pithas decorated with different names bearing the Bengali tradition and culture, the shops serving a wide variety of pithas have multiplied the winter mood.The much-desired mou mou smell of pitha of village Bengal, which is not available in urban life, is like once again grasped in the palm of my hand in a new form.

Vice Chancellor of the University Prof.Hussain Reza.At that time he said, I am really happy with such activities of the students. This time I am more happy because each department has organized Pitha Utsav in their own way." He encouraged the students to continue such activities along with their studies.

Members of the Board of Trustees were also present in the Pitha Utsav.

In response to a question from the journalists, the department heads of various departments said, "This initiative is mainly to inform the new generation about the traditional pitha of Bengali."

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