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Friday, 14 June 2024
Pineapple symbol candidate's view exchange with journalists in Goalando

Pineapple symbol candidate's view exchange with journalists in Goalando

Rajbari Correspondent

In the coming second phase of the Sixth Upazila Parishad election, Goalando Upazila of Rajbari, the candidate for the post of Chairman of Pineapple symbol. Mustafa Munshi held a view exchange meeting with all journalists working in Goalando upazila on Wednesday.

The meeting was held at the office of Mustafa Metal organized by Salim Munsi.

President of Goalando Press Club spoke from the meeting. Abul Hossain, former president Ganesh Pal, Rashedul Haque Raihan, vice president. Helal Mahmud, Sheikh Rajiv, general secretary. Shamim Sheikh, former general secretary Uday Das, treasurer. Other journalists in various print and electronic media including Quddus-ul-Alam were present.

Md. Mustafa Munshi said, to continue the development of Goalando for the second time he is contesting in the elections under the pineapple symbol. If elected, he will take a stand against drugs, juvenile gangs, terrorism, violence against women, kidnapping in the society. river rule, He will play a leading role in the overall development of various systems including education, communication, mosques, madrasas, temples.

He also told the voters that it is hoped that the voters will go to each center and vote with the pineapple symbol. The people will go and see how much development we have done since the upazila chairman in the last three and a half years. People will prove their valuable votes.

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