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Sunday, 27 November 2022
Pilgrims flock to 250-year-old mother's temple in Bhola to fulfill their desires

Pilgrims flock to 250-year-old mother's temple in Bhola to fulfill their desires

Sabbir Alam Babu, Bhola

Pilgrims have flocked to the two-hundred-year-old temple in Daulatkhane of Bhola.

Visitors come from far and wide to offer prayers to the 'Swapne Dokha Devi' (Old Mother) temple to fulfill their heart's desires.

Devotees were seen worshiping the goddess from afternoon to evening. Devotees light candles and pray. Meanwhile, there is a traditional village fair based on the festival of Buri Maa. Overcrowding of visitors was observed there. In addition to delicious food stalls, there are cottage and pottery stalls.

Locals said that Swarsati Puja is being held on the fifth day of the month of Magh like every year in Charpata Union of Daulatkhan Upazila.

At the same time, the Puja of the goddess seen in the dream or the old mother is being held. Prachistam festival is being celebrated in Sri Radha Govinda temple, cremation Kali Mata temple, Buri Mae temple premises. The program is held throughout the day from morning to 7:30 pm.

The meeting of visitors from the district and outside the district has turned into a fair based on this event. Ignoring the corona virus, the gathering of men and women took place. However, the organizing committee is monitoring the use of masks and hand sanitizers to comply with hygiene rules. A 50-member Sechsevak team is working to follow the hygiene rules of the returnees.

Some people come to Buri Maa puja festival with prayers for getting rid of diseases, some come with prayers for family or social improvement. Mother Temple, Sri Sri Radha Govinda Temple, Sri Sri Kali Mother Temple, Sri Sri Saraswati Temple, Sri Sri Manasa Temple are built here around Bura Mother Tree. Anjali of Sri Sri Saraswati Puja is offered on the day of Bura Maa Puja, Gramin Mela sitting on one side and Nam-Kirtan ceremony on the other side.

It is learnt that about 250 years ago, the old mother who was found in the dream of Yogendra Singh Bari of the area is located in this tree. He showed in a dream that if someone prays under this tree with his heart's desire, then his desire will be fulfilled. After seeing this in a dream, the man of the Singh family planted a Srishti Vriksha (raintree tree) here.

Since then, thousands of devotees pray to fulfill their heart's desires on this day of the year, participate in the puja. This Srishritala temple located in a huge area is well known outside the district. The tree still carries the tradition. Punyarthi Chameli Rani (70) said, We have been seeing old mother's puja here since childhood.

Devotees flock to the temple to fulfill their desires. Kalpana Rani, another re-seeker, said, I am coming from Tajumuddin, I have asked my mother, I hope my heart's desire will be fulfilled. Beauty Rani, a local resident, said, I come here every year.

We are very happy to come to Buri Maa Mela.

Dilip Mandal, a local resident and advisor to the temple committee, said that every year on the fifth tithi of Magh month, Bura Mae Puja is held, thousands of pilgrims from Bhola and its surrounding districts bring their various 'manats'.

They believe that old mother will give them desired results. Devotees believe that no one comes here and returns empty-handed. So thousands of devotees gather here. Like every year, this year is an exception. Pilgrims are pouring in.

Organizing committee leader and temple committee president Samarjit Singh and general secretary Antar Howladar said Bura Mae Puja is being celebrated in a festive atmosphere. The program is being celebrated properly with the sincerity of everyone including the local administration.

We have extra vigilance to ensure that the pilgrims follow the hygiene rules. In this regard, Daulatkhan Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Bajlar Rahman said that sufficient police have been deployed for the safety of pilgrims and to avoid untoward incidents at the religious ceremony of Hindus. Also campaign is being conducted to follow hygiene rules.

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