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Thursday, 20 June 2024
Physiotherapy: A unique an scientific treatment

Physiotherapy: A unique an scientific treatment

Dr. Yasin Ali, PT

Physiotherapy is a scientific, authentic and evidence based system of treatment.

It was introduced first in 1971 for the rehabilitation of the war wounded in Bangladesh and later in 1973 academically, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman launched the "Bachelor of Physiotherapy" degree of this medical system through the Faculty of Medicine of Dhaka University with the help of a team of physiotherapists from the United States.

As a result, physiotherapy has been making a great contribution to the treatment of any type of arthritis pain and paralysis rehabilitation in the Bangladesh medical system.

A physiotherapist with a bachelor's degree diagnoses and treats a patient completely independently and independently.

Mirpur Pain Management Center (2nd floor of Helal Diagnostic Center) at Section -10 in Mirpur has been established in Dhaka the heart of Dhaka.

It's main feature is proper assessment of a patient and proper diagnosis and treatment, which makes a patient recover quickly.

This institute has experienced physiotherapy doctors and advanced physiotherapy equipments.

We always provide authentic and evidence based treatment in this institution.
Many people of Bangladesh go to different countries outside the country for treatment, we want to say with confidence that you should visit us once before going out of the country, hope you will get proper treatment in the country which will make you well soon

Diseases that are treated:

Lower back pain (PLID), Neck pain, Knee pain, Any spinal problem, Shoulder or shoulder problems, Any type of arthritis or degenerative problem, Any kind of injury related problem, Any type of paralysis problem.

The writer is a PT BPT (DU), PGT- in Orthopedic/Manipulation Therapy (UK). Sirix Concept (Manipulation) APMC (Dhaka). Certificate in Spinal Manual Therapy (India). Clinical Physiotherapist Arthritis, Paralysis and Rehabilitation.

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