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Sunday, 14 July 2024
People upbeat, elated asTawhida Tanman buys nomination for Pabna-3

People upbeat, elated asTawhida Tanman buys nomination for Pabna-3

Pabna Correspondent

The legendary figure of Pabna politics, the leader of the people, the late freedom fighter and Awami League’s leader, Waziuddin Khan MP’s privileged daughter, who is also Youth Women’s League leader, Tawhida Tanman Khan, Swati has bought the nomination paper for the MP candidate of Pabna 3 costituency off the Parliamentary Seat 70.

Tawhida’s father the late Waziuddin Khan popularly known as Uddin Bhai or Uddin Chacha, was a dedicated leader of Pabna Awami League. He was elected MP two times from Pabna 3 constituency. He was the man of Pabna 1 constituency, but because of his immense popularity, the people of Pabna 3 comprising Chatmoha, Bhangoora and Faridpur upazillas elected him MP two times.

Waziuddin Kan, Uddin, was a proven leader of Bangladesh Awami League. He was the president of Awami League in Pabna. He was also the president of Bangladesh Transport Workers Association.

Being elected as the MP from Pabna-3 constituency, Waziuddin Khan initiated numerable development work in the fur-flung and neglected areas of his constituency in the vicinities of the great marshy land of the country, the Cholonbil.

People from all walks of life of these areas still now recall the dedicated work of Waziuddin Khan for them. When the people of this Pabna -3 constituency came to learn that Waziuddin’s worthy daughter and Youth Women League’s leader Tawhida Tanman Khan Awati has bought nomination of Bangladesh awami League for Pabna-3 constituency, they are elated and upbeat about the development work in the area as her father once initiated.

Tawhida Tanman Khan Swati says, she will dedicate herself for the wellbeing of the people as her father did for the people of these areas. Tanman says, she will also dedicate herself in the noble mission of the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the worthy heir of the father of the nation Banga Bandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman to turn Bangladesh into a modern and prosperous country in the world community.

Md. Ibrahim Khondoker, a local leader of Chhatra League said, “People of Pabna-3 are beaming with joy when they heard Tawhida Tanman Khan, Swati has bought nomination for the upcoming general election.”

He also said,”People of these areas still remember her father the late Waziuddin Khan, who was two times MP here and did a lot good works for people.”


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