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Friday, 12 April 2024
Payra Port engineer injured 5 in terrorist attack due to non-payment of extortion

Payra Port engineer injured 5 in terrorist attack due to non-payment of extortion

Payarabandar (Patuakhali) Correspondent

Terrorists have stopped the development works of the first terminal of the Prime Minister's priority project Payra Port and the office of the contractor company by carrying out a terrorist attack demanding a extortion of Tk 30 lakh.

5 people including engineer were seriously injured in this incident. The injured were provided medical care at Kalapara Upazila Health Complex.

According to the complaint lodged with the Payra Port Authority, the terrorists led by Ashiq Talukdar, General Secretary of Kalapara Upazila Chhatra League of Patuakhali, demanded a sum of Tk 30 lakhs from the Chinese Contractor CEC International Engineering Company Limited and the local contractors on Monday afternoon.

The company attacked and vandalized the office of Water Bus Limited. In the attack, 5 people, including the engineer of the contractor, were seriously injured. In this incident, the senior officials of the two contractors have given a written complaint to Payra Port Authority. Meanwhile, one after another threats and attacks by terrorists have raised doubts about the timely implementation of the government's priority projects.

Ashiq Talukder, General Secretary of BCL, said that we have land in Payra Port. Kalapara Upazila Chhatra League leaders and workers, we asked for work from the contracting company. We stopped work because we did not get work. When asked about the terror attack, he dodged the issue. He admitted that some unpleasant incidents had happened.

Payra Port Authority Chairman Rear Admiral Abdullah Al Mamun Chowdhury and the Project Director of Payra Port Authority have been requested to give protection of the engineers and the engineers working in the project office of the Chinese contractor CEC International Engineering Company Limited and the local contractor Water Bus Limited.

The letter was written by Yejehan, Project Manager of Construction of Bridge over Andamanik River PPFT Project CRBG & CCECC JV. They demanded immediate arrest of the terrorists.

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