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Friday, 14 June 2024
NSTU Chhatra League harvests paddy of farmers

NSTU Chhatra League harvests paddy of farmers


Noakhali Correspondent

The leaders and activists of Noakhali Science and Technology University (NSTU) Chhatra League have harvested 90 percent of the ripe Boro paddy of farmer Hossain Ali in the area adjacent to the University in Noakhali Sadar Upazila.

Later they threshed the paddy and delivered it to the farmer's house. This brought a smile to the face of Hossain Ali, a farmer who is in labor crisis due to money. He is happy to get such support from BCL leaders and activists.

On Saturday (April 29), Noakhali Science and Technology University Chhatra League leader Zahid Hasan Shubo along with his leaders and activists harvested these paddies.

Farmer Hossain Ali said that due to economic problems, the wages of workers are also higher this time. There is also a labor shortage due to the lack of laborers coming from outside the district this year and he was extremely worried about taking home the ripe paddy of the land due to the fear of stormy rains.

At that time, some activists of BCL cut the paddy of his land, threshed it and brought it home. He is very happy with their initiative. Much more money was required for harvesting and threshing paddy with laborers. Noakhali University of Science and Technology Chhatra League leaders and activists have given my paddy home without any compensation.

If others like them stood by the side of the poor farmers then they would not have to worry about harvesting rice. They did me a favor. I am very happy with their activities.

Chhatra League leader Zahid Hasan Shuvo said that to make Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's fourth industrial revolution a success, under the guidance of Bangladesh Chhatra League Central Executive Council, the leaders and workers of Chhatra League are cutting rice and bringing it home to help farmers all over Bangladesh. In continuation of that, we Nobiprobi Chhatra League helped the poor farmers to cut rice and bring it home. Our activities will continue.

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