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Thursday, 29 February 2024
Noakhali shop attack with indigenous weapons, video goes viral

Noakhali shop attack with indigenous weapons, video goes viral

Noakhali Correspondent

A video of an attack on a shop with indigenous weapons in Gangchil Bazar of Charelahi Union in Companyganj, Noakhali has gone viral. In this incident, eight people including the owner of the shop were injured on both sides.

The attack took place on Friday (December 1) at around 7:30 pm at Raj Garments in Gangchil Bazaar of the upazila.

According to local sources, a person named Muslim is doing business in Gangchil market of the upazila. A younger son manages his business. Tarek, a relative of Rajib Khan, secretary of the Gangchil Bazar Committee, tried to take the little boy to work on installing deep tubewells.

An argument broke out between the two parties in Gangchil Bazar on Friday evening. At one stage, members of Muslim's family hit Rajib Khan, secretary of the Gangchil Bazar management committee, on the head. His head exploded. Later, Rajib's relatives are Muslim's nephew. Shahraj attacked Uddin's shop with Ramda. 6 members of their family were injured.

The victim is the owner of Raj Garments. Shahraj Uddin complained and said that the Secretary of Gangchil Bazar Committee Rajib and the head of the local Delwar army, Delyar (45), Sabuj (28), Tarek (28) and Zaker (29) carried out the attack with Ramda. Meanwhile, a 2 minute 51 second video of the attack has gone viral on social media.

Rejecting the allegation of extortion, Rajib Khan claimed that they first cracked his head over a trivial incident. At that time, three others were beaten and injured when they came forward to save him. Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Companyganj Police Station Pranab Chowdhury said, I have seen the video. Legal action will be taken after looking into the matter.

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