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Thursday, 25 July 2024
MP Azim Murder : Meat grinder used to destroy proof: West Bengal CID

MP Azim Murder : Meat grinder used to destroy proof: West Bengal CID

Staff Correspondent

The accused chopped body parts of Awami League MP Anwarul Azim Anar after killing and used a meat grinder to mince the flesh so that the body could be disposed of without leaving any traces, West Bengal CID has claimed.

Investigators revealed that one of the suspects, Siam Hossain, purchased the grinder for Rs2,200 from a shop in Kolkata's New Market. The grinder was allegedly used to dispose of evidence.

Sources at the CID claimed the entire flesh could not be minced with the grinder, so small pieces were discarded in the septic tank of the New Town apartment where the parliamentarian was staying.

The CID recovered nearly five kilograms of flesh from the septic tank, which was sent for forensic examination and it has already been determined to be that of a male and human.

The sleuths are trying to ascertain the exact places from where the murder weapons were procured so that they can collect corresponding CCTV footage and build a strong case using electronic evidence.

The CID has now recovered the entire conversation between Azim and suspect Celesty Rahman, and has also found out that it was Siam who handled the MP's WhatsApp messages after his murder.

The agency has decided to request Dhaka cops to track down and send notice to another woman who had accompanied Azim on his visit to Kolkata earlier this year. This woman, claimed sources, was found to be sharing messages with Celesty.

Source: The Times of India

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