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Monday, 25 September 2023
Mother, son commit suicide in Cumilla

Mother, son commit suicide in Cumilla

Cumilla Correspondent

Police recovered the bodies of mother and son hanging from a rope at Homna in Cumilla. The body was recovered from Fakir Bari area of the upazila around 8:30 am on Thursday.

The deceased was identified as Sanjida Akhtar (20) and her son Abdullah (2). Wife of Babu Mia of Fakir Bari area of Upazila. Sharif Mia, elder brother of the Sanjida said that his sister got married to Babu Mia three years ago. Although their family was going well for a while, after the birth of their son Abdullah, Babu got involved in extramarital affairs.

There was often a quarrel between the husband and wife. Besides, other members of the father-in-law's house used to beat his sister for no reason. Because of this, even though Sanjida left her husband's house, we again sent her to her husband's house, according to Jalal Uddin, a member of Ward No. 3 of Bhashaniya Union.

Sanjida Akhtar's father alleged that her husband and in-laws killed Sanjida by strangulation. UP member Jalal Uddin said that Sanjida is being tortured by her husband and in-laws for a long time. There is also 5-6 arbitration on this. I was at the last meeting.

In that meeting, Sanjida's father was not willing to give his daughter. But all of us locals explained and gave the girl to her husband's house.

OC of Homna Police Station. Saiful Islam said, the bodies of mother and son were found hanging from the same rope after breaking the door of the house. Sent to Kumek Hospital for post-mortem.

It will be known whether it was murder or suicide after the post-mortem report. Those involved will be brought under the law soon.

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