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Thursday, 23 May 2024
Modi declares ₹3.02 crore assets, owns no house or car

Modi declares ₹3.02 crore assets, owns no house or car

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's affidavit, filed on Tuesday(14 May) along with the nomination papers for the Varanasi constituency (which he has represented since 2014) in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, reveals that he has ₹3.02 crore in gross moveable assets, up from 1.41 crore in the 2019 affidavit, and he owns neither a car nor a house.

He has no liabilities, and his affidavit also shows that there are no criminal cases against him.

The 2019 affidavit showed that he owned a residential property worth ₹1.1 crore, but this is no longer the case, although this has been known for two years, according to Hindustan Times reports.

Modi's 2022 declaration of his assets said "Immovable property... was jointly held with three other joint owners and each having an equal share of 25%, is no more owned by self as the same has been donated."

His movable assets include fixed deposits worth ₹2.85 crore in the State Bank of India ₹80,304 in two bank accounts in Gandhinagar and Varanasi.

He also has ₹9.12 lakh as an investment in National Savings Certificates (NSC) savings scheme. Modi's only source of income is his government salary and interest earned on his savings.

The affidavit further showed that Modi's taxable income doubled from ₹11 lakh in fiscal year 2018-19 to ₹23.5 lakh in 2022-23.

He has a total cash in hand of ₹52,920. And, like 2019, he owns four gold rings, weighing a total of 45 gm, and valued at ₹2.68 lakh.

The affidavit shows that the Modi completed a BA from Delhi University in 1978 and a MA from Gujarat University in 1983.

Modi's main rival is Ajay Rai of the Congress. Rai's affidavit showed that he has total assets of ₹1.31 crore.

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