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Wednesday, 24 April 2024
Misappropriation of Tk 1.5 cr without buying Railway sleeper alleged

Misappropriation of Tk 1.5 cr without buying Railway sleeper alleged

Staff Correspondent

The   embezzlement of one and a half million taka without buying sleepers for the construction of the railway in the Western Zone  of Bangladesh Railway has been detected  in the report of the Auditor General and Controller.

 Allegations of misappropriation of this money have been made against the contracting company Max Infrastructure Limited by not installing sleepers of 3,300 broad gauge lines.

According to the audit report, the new railway construction project from Ishwardi to Dhallachar in the western part of the railway started in the financial year 2018-19. Under this project, the contractor is supposed to install sleepers on 3,300 broad gauge lines before Madhgram station. But on the advice of the consulting firm, Duyenneche contracting firm Max Infrastructure Ltd. was installed there instead of Broadgauge.

The Finance and Accounts and Engineering Departments of Railways have given information in this regard to the Audit Department from time to time. They sometimes said they are kept in Ishwardi for line renovation. Sometimes it is said that they are kept in Sarada. However, the audit institute did not get the slipper information anywhere.

It has been seen that there is no sleeper stocked anywhere in Majhgram station. Not even seen lying anywhere. Same picture at Sarada station. However, sleepers have been installed where the dual gauge line has been installed in Madhgram. But there is no trace of the sleeper bought by the railways for the broad gauge line.

When contacted, the Pakshi Railway Department refused to comment on the matter.

When asked about this, Project Director and Chief Engineer of Western Railway Asadul Haque said, "The audit institute has only calculated the sleeper of one line. They did not do another line. They objected to that calculation. It has been answered later. Perhaps it also settled it.'

He also said, 'A sleeper is a very big thing. Each weighs over 300 kg. There is no chance to miss. It may have made an audit mistake.'

Chief Accounts Officer Gaurang Chandra Debnath was contacted several times at his office and on his mobile phone to inquire about the irregularities, but he was not available.

Western Railway General Manager Asim Kumar Talukder said, I do not know anything about this. There should not be such a big irregularity. If it does, it will be unexpected. The ministry is working on the issue of audit objection.

It was not possible to talk to Zaidur Rahman, Coordinator of Max Infrastructure Limited over phone as did not receive phone call.

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