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Monday, 27 May 2024
Milad Mahfil to save villagers from Jamuna erosion at Chauhali

Milad Mahfil to save villagers from Jamuna erosion at Chauhali

Sirajganj Correspondent

A Milad Mahfil was held to protect Char Nakalia village of Baghutia Union of Chauhali Upazila of Sirajganj on Friday.

People of 7 nearby villages attended at Char Nakalia Jam-e -Mosque. The villages are :Char Nakalia, Dewanganj, Char Binanui, Metuani, Char Salimabad, Bhut Mor, Muradpur.

Maulana Abdul Karim led the prayers and Kari Md. Nasir Uddin spoke in a short gathering.

Char Nakalia Jame Masjid Imam Hafez Maulana Md Moinul Islam, businessman Abdul Baten, Dulal Sheikh, Abu Sama said, the monsoon season is beginning soon.

Since then, at least 10 villages of Chauhali upazila have been severely damaged by the Jamuna river. has started About 200 houses and crops of all these villages were destroyed in the wake of this destruction Land, weaving factories, primary schools, mosques, graveyards and trees under the river has been merged. About 2 thousand people have become destitute.

They are more He said, to prevent this breakdown, apply to all the relevant departments of the government.

Meanwhile, 10 houses in Char Nakalia and Dewanganj Bazaar areas were destroyed in the last 2 days.

As the river Yamuna merges into the riverbed. All these destitute people are under the open sky He is living an inhumane life with shelter.

In this regard, the chairman of Ghorjan Union, Ramzan Ali, said that there is a risk of destruction.


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