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Sunday, 19 May 2024
Kyrgyzstan eyes closer ties with rapidly developing Bangladesh

Kyrgyzstan eyes closer ties with rapidly developing Bangladesh

Diplomatic Correspondent

Deputy Foreign Minister Avazbek Atakhanov on Monday expressed Kyrgyzstan's eagerness to strengthen ties with Bangladesh, recognising its impressive economic and social progress.

He made the statement during his visit to Dhaka, following a meeting with Prime Minister's Private Industry and Investment Adviser Salman F Rahman at the Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) building in Agargaon on Monday.

Atakhanov highlighted Bangladesh's rapid growth trajectory, emphasising its emergence as a promising hub for investment and collaboration.

"Bangladesh's dynamic performance across economic indicators and social welfare measures has caught the attention of Kyrgyzstan. With a big population and a skilled labour force, Bangladesh presents enticing opportunities for bilateral cooperation, particularly in sectors such as tourism, trade, and employment," he mentioned.

Atakhanov underscored Kyrgyzstan's commitment to fostering deeper engagement with Bangladesh, aiming to facilitate exchanges in various spheres, including trade, tourism, and private sector partnerships. The envisioned collaboration seeks to bolster economic ties, with a focus on enhancing both export and import channels between the two nations, he added.

Salman F Rahman highlighted the potential for enhanced cooperation between the two countries, especially in industries like ready-made clothing, education, agriculture, and technology.

He also mentioned the increasing number of Bangladeshi medical students studying in the country, indicating a growing interest in educational exchanges.

Avazhbek Atakhanov expressed a desire for joint exports of clothing to the European Union, signaling collaboration between Kyrgyz Republic and Bangladesh in the garment industry.

The Kyrgyz minister commended Bangladesh's socio-economic development and expressed the Prime Minister's interest in visiting Bangladesh, as well as the intention to recruit Bangladeshi workers in production-oriented sectors.

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