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Monday, 25 September 2023
Kuakata Mayor Anwar gets bail

Kuakata Mayor Anwar gets bail

Kalapara (Patuakhali) Correspondent

The mayor of Kuakata Municipality Md. Anwar Hossain Howladar, who pressured the plaintiff to withdraw the tribal Rakhine Switching Mang murder case, got bailfrom the court.

He surrendered voluntarily in the court of Patuakhali's Kalapara Senior Judicial Magistrate Ashish Roy on Thursday afternoon (June 8) and got bail

After the hearing, the court granted the mayor's bail application and transferred the case to its own trial file for trial and fixed the date of charge frame-court sources said

The source further informed that last 17th February 2022 tribal Chuching Mong filed a murder case (CR-191/2022) in Kalapara Senior Judicial Magistrate Court against unknown 10/12 persons including Manju, Hasan in connection with the murder of his younger brother Switching Mong.

Later on February 27, 2022 the court ordered the district chief CID to submit an inquiry report. After the case was filed, the mayor of Kuakata municipality threatened the plaintiff with pressure to withdraw the case.

In this incident, the plaintiff Chuching Mong filed a case (CR-250/2022) against the Mayor in the Kalapara Judicial Magistrate Court on March 3, 2022 due to his insecurity.

The court directed CID Police Inspector Bahauddin Farooqui to investigate the allegations. After the investigation revealed the fact of threats to withdraw the murder case, the court ordered the issuance of summons against the mayor of Kuakata.

Meanwhile, as the CID's lengthy investigation into the much-discussed killing of Kuakata's Switching Mong revealed the truth, the court ordered the OC of Mohipur police station to treat the complain as FIR. After the investigating officer of the case arrested the accused Manju and applied for remand to the court, the court granted the police remand of the accused for 3 days on 7 June 2023.

On November 19, 2021, Mahipur Thana police recovered the dead body ofthe indigenous man Switching Mong hanging from a tree from Kuakata beach. In this incident, the Mahipur police station registered a UD case without registering a murder case.

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