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Sunday, 29 January 2023
JUHSC to host seminar on higher studies in Australia

JUHSC to host seminar on higher studies in Australia

JU Correspondent

Jahangirnagar University Higher Study Club (JUHSC) is holding a seminar on higher study in Australia at Jahangirnagar University's Wajed Miah Science Research Center on December 15, 2022.

This seminar will teach students how to prepare for the best higher education, especially in Australia, get a guideline on what universities look for when shortlisting applications and equip themselves with the right skill sets to work for reputed global organizations.

Many students aspire to pursue higher education in Australia. However, they are not clear on the process or the route to achieve this goal. JUHSC is offering a once-in-a-life opportunity for students studying at Jahangirnagar University to gain first-hand guidance from someone who has not only studied at some of the top universities in Australia but has also landed the dream job coveted by millions.

Meet M Obayed Ullah, Computational Structural Biologists. Obayed Ullah completed his Bachelor's and Master's in Pharmaceutical Science from Jahangirnagar University (JU), PhD in Structural Biology from University of Queensland, Australia. He is also a former Postdoctoral Research Fellow of University of Adelaide, Australia.

The seminar is for university students who are eagerly interested in going for higher study in Australia.

Interested students can confirm their registration and grab the chance to be in the seminar through the link:


Meanwhile, JUHSC is a higher education guideline-based social organization at JU. Since the inception of JUHSC, it has organized various programs like seminars and symposiums to make it easier for students at Jahangirnagar University to pursue higher education abroad.

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