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Tuesday, 05 March 2024
JU Badhan Zone annual general meet held

JU Badhan Zone annual general meet held

JU Correspondent

Jahangirnagar University (JU) Badhan Zone annual general meeting and charge handover ceremony held at the Zahir Raihan Auditorium Seminar Hall on Sunday.

Provost Standing Committee President Prof Abdullah Hel Kafi inaugurated the ceremony.

The outgoing committee handed over the charge to the newly formed committee while Mujtahid Hossain and Shafiqul Islam Sunny took the charge for president and general secretary respectively for the session 2023.

Addressing the function, Provost Standing Committee president, Prof Abdullah Hel Kafi, said, "Badhan activists have done a tremendous job. I want to mention drug addiction. It turns into an epidemic. You always abstain from narcotics. You have a lot of responsibility to society."

Addressing the function, JU Proctor Prof A S M Firoz Ul Hasan, said, "We never see communalism when blood is very urgent. Because people never consider religion in the time of blood transfusion. Blood donation is a matter of mental satisfaction, if we can utilize it."

Addressing the function, Prof Kabirul Bashar, adviser of JU Badhan Zone said, "When a person seeks blood for relatives, he or she can only feel the urgency. It is one of the noble matters in this world."

"I urged the female students of the university to come forward by donating more blood," he added.

Addressing the function, Prof Alamgir Kabir, adviser of JU Badhan Zone said, "I took initiative to engage JU Badhan zone to the university day. I urged the university administration to increase the budget allocation for the JU Badhan Zone."

JU Badhan Zone president Shakil Ahmed said, "I demand the university authorities to increase the facilities for us and also provide cooperation in future.”

A Badhan activist of Mowlana Bhashani Hall Hridoy Podder expressed the feelings of blood donation. He said, “You can not feel the volume of mental satisfaction when you succeed in managing a blood donor in the time of urgency.”

JU Badhan Zone president Shakil Ahmed presided over the ceremony while Provost Standing Committee president Prof Abdullah Hel Kafi, director of Teacher-Student Center of the university Prof Alamgir Kabir, JU Proctor Prof A S M Firoz Ul Hasan, Adviser of JU Badhan Zone Prof Sohel Ahmed, Prof Kabirul Bashar, Subrata Banik, among other, were present.

Besides, the most donated blood donor felicitated and a cultural ceremony was held at the end of the programme.

Badhan is a voluntary blood donors’ organization. Its journey was started from Dhaka University in 1997 to make blood donation as a social movement.



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