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Wednesday, 29 November 2023
JnU academic council opines not to be a part of GST admission system

JnU academic council opines not to be a part of GST admission system

JnU Correspondent

The members of the academic council of Jagannath University (JnU) have given their opinion to not participate in the admission test of the General, Science and Technology (GST) universities for the academic year 2022–23.

This information was confirmed by the President of the JnU Teachers' Association, Professor Dr. Ainul Islam, after the academic council meeting of the university on Wednesday. But the final decision will come at the next Syndicate meeting of the University.

JnU Teachers Association President Prof. Dr. Ainul Islam said that in today's academic council meeting it was unanimously decided that Jagannath University will not be in the group. The Vice-Chancellor has asked for the matter to be presented in the Syndicate meeting to take a final decision.

Jagannath University Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Imdadul Haque said that the members of the academic council gave their speeches in the meeting. According to their statement, the final decision not to stay in the group will be discussed in the next syndicate meeting.

The teachers of Jagannath University have been demanding to get out of the GST admission test and take the admission test in their own way, showing various complaints including the long process to complete the admission process, the merit list being published again and again, but the seats not being filled. They also submitted a written demand to the vice chancellor.

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