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Sunday, 29 January 2023
Jacinda Ardern : A unique symbol of pure politics

Jacinda Ardern : A unique symbol of pure politics

Alok Acharja

New Zealand has a reputation worldwide as a peaceful country. Usually no unrest about this country is seen in the media. The country is also surrounded by greenery.

There is a very few incidents of riots and political unrest there. As a Prime Minister of this peaceful country, Jacinda Ardern's reputation is as strong as the country itself. Like the country, she created a strong image of herself.

Jacinda Ardern, full name Jacinda Katie Lawrel Ardern, was born on 26 July 1980 and took oath as the 40th Prime Minister of New Zealand in 26 October 2017. She was only 37 years old at that time and has been serving as the president of the Labor Party since August 1 of that year.

The record is that she became the youngest Prime Minister of the country after 1856 and the youngest female prime minister in the world. She has stood by the people during the difficult times of the country and she tried to solve those problems from the forefront.

Because of this her period was one of the best times for New Zealand. Although many critical situations had come in the world during this time, she has dealt with them very efficiently.

She was able to combine her human qualities well into politics. Her leadership, public welfare decisions and humanitarianism made him popular in her country as well as in the world. So, people are really surprised by a politician stepping down from her post.

Although in all cases someone has to move and make room for someone but there is a suitable time for that too. Jacinda Ardern's time wasn't there yet, I think. He has gained fame for her work, for her strong stand against terrorism, for mutual coexistence. Recently, she came into the discussion with the decision of suddenly resigned from her post.

The people of his country and the whole world are somewhat shocked by this announcement of her because she is still very popular in her country. There is also huge support for her still now.

As such there is no serious allegation against her. Still, she stepped down from the power and proved once again how a politician can take it all in and step aside. The after election violence in America and Again, the same thing happened again after the recent elections in Brazil, makes criticism of the politicians.

In the world, when this situation and people's trust and confidence in politicians started to decrease, people's trust in Jacinda was raised in various decisions during the political period. No reason behind her decision but personal cause is known.

She herself did not clarify the matter. In a comment, she said, I have to admit that I was able to sleep peacefully last night after a long time. It sure feels bad to be abdicated.

But still a lot of relief works. I am really impressed with the messages of gratitude I have received from everyone. February 7 will be her last working day as Prime Minister.

She gave as the reason for his resignation that she was tired and did not have enough energy to lead. But that question remains. Why did she resign at such a time? It is often seen that one can stand aside because of age in politics.

You can also move away due to physical reasons. Sometimes a political career ends in the back and forth of politics. But age is not a barrier. But Jacinda Ardern seems to have shown when the time is right to step away from politics when she got all he decided to move.

The election may held on October 14. Ever since she came to power, she started her journey through various foreign and domestic adversities. Her role in the horrific terrorist attack in New Zealand praised worldwide.

After the attack, she rushed there and spoke to the victims, offering sympathy. She then gave a message to the world. That is the message of unity. She reformed her country's gun laws. This message of her then gathered praise from all over the world.

The eruption of volcanoes and after the devastating impact of the corona around the world and the economy, she challenged. By then she had become a symbol of progressiveness in world politics. Her firmness, decisiveness increases his acceptance.

He also won the 2020 elections and came to power for a second time. She presented a remarkable truth at the end. She said that she is a human. Politicians are also people. As long as they can, they will work with everything. Then step back when it's time.

Now is the time for him to step aside.’ She also said that she is not resigning because the duties of the Prime Minister are difficulties. She believes that others can do better than her.’

That is, she has made room for others who can run the country better next. Really what we are outside I don't think so. Politicians are people too. They also have families.

Time has to be given. There is no loss in taking a break from work. She became a mother while in power. She has demonstrated her skills during the Corona period. During the difficult time of Corona, she took the countrymen with him and faced the situation and she got success.

Now that she has announced her final decision of resignation, someone new will take over as Prime Minister. It is known that 44-year-old Chris Hipkins will be going to replace her.

She is serving as the Minister of Police, Education and Public Services of the country. However, for this he needs to get the official support of the Labor Party. Then after all the formalities he will take the new responsibility.

But Jacinda Ardern will remain a unique symbol of confidence and success in the history of world politics.

The writer is an essayist & columnist, Pabna.

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