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Monday, 02 October 2023
Imam Bukhari University arranges training for Imams & teachers

Imam Bukhari University arranges training for Imams & teachers

Staff Correspondent

With an aim to enrich the basic knowledge and enhancing capacities to analyze the core principles, ideologies and rules of Islam, a training program for the teachers of Islamic institutes, Imams and Khatibs of different mosques was formally inaugurated on Thursday in a ceremony at the Shapla City, Manda, Mughda area in the capital, says a Press release.

“Imam Bukhari Qawmi University” has organised the three-month training program in first phase which will continue later on different phases. Country’s reputed Alems and Islamic Scholars have been engaged as the facilitators in the training program, designed for teaching perfect ways of explaining ‘Hadith’, ‘Khutba’, ‘Tafsir’, ‘Islamic banking’, learning logics and languages so that the common people get proper guidelines in practicing religion in their day to day lives.

Acting Vice Chancellor of “Islami Arabic University”, a public university, also a reputed Alem of the country, Dr. Ahmad Abul Kalam inaugurated the training program. Renowned Politician and Chairman of the governing body of the ‘Imam Bukhari Qawmi University’, Misbahur Rahman Chowdhury presided over the ceremony while eminent Alem and Pesh Imam of the Baitul Mukarram National Mosque, Dr. Allama Muhibullah Hil Baqi addressed as the keynote speaker.

In his introductory remarks Misbahur Rahman Chowdhury said that the general people need to have proper lessons, analysis and guidelines from the Imams, Alems or the religious leaders so that they can practice religion perfectly in their lives, this is big responsibilities for the religious leaders and that’s why they need to have proper lessons and knowledge to apply in practical needs.

Dr. Ahmad Abul Kalam, while addressing, mentioned that the training program is a very time worthy and need-based plan as because the teachers of Islamic institutes need to have perfect knowledge on analyzing Islamic rules, ideologies, principles and guiding people so that a perfect society and nation based on Islamic principles, can be built.

He stressed more practices and practical learning for becoming a professional Alem, as it’s not possible by only having institutional degrees. Khatib of the Baitul Mukarram National Mosque, Dr. Allama Muhibullah Hil Baqi opined that this training program will be very much effective in eliminating religious orthodoxies and communalism from the society.

Freedom Fighter Alhaj Julkarnain Dalim, Alhaj Md. Jaman Uddin, Deputy Managing Director of Shapla City, Md. Nazrul Islam, Md Asadujjaman Khan, Mufti Tajul Islam, Md. Amjad Hossain and Syed Shahed Hossain were also present on the occasion.

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