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Wednesday, 24 April 2024
Harmful tobacco cultivation is increasing in Gobindaganj

Harmful tobacco cultivation is increasing in Gobindaganj

Gobindaganj (Gaibandha) Correspondent

In Gobindaganj of Gaibandha, tobacco cultivation is increasing due to the attractive opportunities of tobacco companies. Farmers are cultivating this crop which pollutes the environment and is harmful to health in the hope of more profit despite knowing that it is fatally harmful to their own and their family's health. However, to discourage tobacco cultivation, the agriculture department is suggesting profitable and environment-friendly crops along with awareness activities among the farmers.

Tobacco cultivation is increasing every year in Char area along the banks of Karatoya, Bangali and Katkhali rivers of Gobindganj upazila. Farmers are losing interest in cultivating potatoes, rice and corn in those lands, but the prices are not good.

Apart from this, several crops, including potatoes and maize, do not have market prices. Apart from this, the farmers have to face various problems in selling the corn produced every year due to the lack of establishment of any corn-based industries. Besides, farmers are losing interest in cultivating these crops due to the financial loss due to the rise and fall in the price of potato and corn.

On the other hand, tobacco cultivation has increased in Gobindganj due to the higher financial value of tobacco than other crops, the assurance of sale and the attractive facilities of tobacco processing companies such as fertilizers, seeds and pesticides on easy terms.

Officials regularly visit farmers' fields and provide advice and guarantee sales, increasing confidence in tobacco companies, farmers are inclined to grow tobacco. Many farmers in this area have now turned to harmful tobacco cultivation instead of paddy and various rabi crops.

This time, extensive tobacco cultivation has been done in Gosaipur, Maria, Satana Balua, Rahla, Bogula Garhi, Harirampur, Nakai, Rakhalburuj, Talukkanupur, Phulbari, Sapmara of the Darbast Union of the upazila.

Emdadul Mia of Goshaipur village of the upazila said that when it is time to sell tobacco leaves, the officials of the tobacco company buy tobacco from the farmer's house or from a certain place in their own transport. And to pay the price of tobacco, the tobacco money is paid to the farmer's own bank account number.

But one or two farmers are environment and health conscious. They used to grow tobacco but now considering the loss they have stopped growing tobacco and are cultivating other crops. Despite the increase in tobacco cultivation in the upazila, there is no information in this regard in the upazila agriculture extension office.

In this regard, Gobindaganj Upazila Agriculture Officer Syed Reza I Mahmud said that to discourage harmful tobacco cultivation, the agriculture department is advising farmers to cultivate other profitable and environmentally friendly crops along with awareness raising activities.

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