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Thursday, 28 September 2023
Hands, legs of AL leader broken by miscreants in Morrelganj

Hands, legs of AL leader broken by miscreants in Morrelganj

Bagerhat Correspondent

One hand and two legs of Md. Jahor Ali Khan (70), General Secretary of the Ward No.07 of Hoglapasha Union Awami League under Morrelganj Upazila in Bagerhat district were broken by a number of miscreants after beating and stabbing him in a broad daylight on Friday and left him on a road side, according to a delayed report received here.

The seriously injured AL leader was rushed to Bagerhat Sadar Hospital at 4 pm for his treatment. It is guessed that behind the incident are the internal quarrels and groupings in the political party.

Md. Al-Amin Khan, son of injured Jahor Ali Khan and President of the Ward Jobo League told, on the day at about 2 pm my father was returning home from the local mosque after saying his Jumma prayer and when he just reached the place occurrence a gang of armed hooligans who were laying in ambush there earlier fell on him all on a sudden and beat and stabbed Him severely and as a result, his one hand and two legs were broken.

Md. Sayeedur Rahman, OC of Morrelganj PS said , on information a police squad was sent there. Police was also sent to injured Johor Ali Khan who is under treatment to inquire about him. The Officer added, legal action will betaken after receiving a written complaint in this connection.

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