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Friday, 19 April 2024
Hailstorm in Faridpur damages onion, paddy : Farmers worried

Hailstorm in Faridpur damages onion, paddy : Farmers worried

Shahidul Islam, Faridpur

In Faridpur, the dream of the farmers has been shattered ed by the hailstorm. On Wednesday evening, it rained in Faridpur with thunder.

However, there have been reports of heavy crop damage due to excessive hailstorm in some upazilas.

Nagarkanda, Saltha, Charvrasan, Bhanga and Madhukhali areas are reported to have received more rockfall. Among them, it is believed that the city disaster has affected the most. The full season of onions is going on, some have picked onions at home or are preparing to do so. Right now, heavy hail has destroyed all the crops. This loss to the farmer is irreparable.

In Saltha upazila due to hailstorm and heavy rain there has been heavy damage to onions and onion crops in the lowland lands. Windy, hail and heavy rain on Wednesday afternoon.

In this, onion, the harvest of many people's whole year's suffering, has sunk under the water. They will not be able to preserve the onions that are submerged under the water due to hail and heavy rain. It will rot if kept indoors.

The farmers are worried. Besides, the flowers of the onion stalks have fallen. There will be a shortage of onion seeds during onion cultivation.

On Thursday morning, farmers were seen pulling onions from the water in the low-lying lands of different villages of 8 unions of the upazila. Worry folds can be seen on their foreheads.

Mojibar Sardar, a farmer from the village of Bihavidi village of Atghar union, Isak Sardar of Puthia village and Hasan Matubbar of Bhawal union said that our family runs on jute and onion, which are agricultural products every year. I am in trouble because this year's onion price is low.

Then the onions were drowned in heavy hail again. In a hurry, I am lifting the onion from the water as far as I can. Some onions can be grown in the ground. Then the onion that is picked cannot be kept in the house, it will rot. Should be sold at a low price. All in all, we have suffered a great loss. But at this moment, if the price was good, then some relief would come back.

Upazila Agriculture Officer Jeevanshu Das said, due to the rain, light water has accumulated in the land of the low-lying areas. Onions that have not been picked will not grow.

Besides, even if picked now, the shelf life will be reduced. But flatland onions are still good.

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