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Wednesday, 22 May 2024
Gazipur City Corporation polls : AL candidate Azmat Ulla seeking votes

Gazipur City Corporation polls : AL candidate Azmat Ulla seeking votes

Staff Reporter

The mayoral candidates of Gazipur City Corporation are carrying out extensive campaigns ahead of this election.

On Monday morning, campaigning and mass communication was conducted in Gacha area of Gazipur in favour of Awami League mayoral candidate Advocate Aazmat Ulla Khan.

Aazmat Ulla Khan said that the Prime Minister has approved four projects for the development of Gazipur City Corporation and has allotted 7000 crore taka.

He said, also crores of taka are sanctioned every year from various projects. People would not have raised so many questions if this money was used for urban development in a planned manner with an honest attitude. That's why people want this city corporation to be run by a transparent and honest person.

He said, I have served as the mayor of the municipality for 18 years and there are no allegations of corruption against me.

On the other hand, independent mayoral candidate Sarkar Shahanur Islam Roni of elephant symbol campaigned in Dattapara, Banmala area of Tongi. He has received a huge response in the campaign. People are spontaneous Participation is seen with him.

He said, I do politics for the people. People are with me. My family has always stood by the people. So I am 100% confident about winning.

Last Sunday evening, in Joydevpur area of the city, the supporters of the boat symbol took up sticks and beat us. They drove us out of the area with a motorbike. I think that the people of Awami family are not able to take us easily as the days go by. My only request to the Election Commissioner is to maintain a level playing field till the last day of polling.

Meanwhile, Jatiya Party's plow symbol mayoral candidate M M Niazuddin campaigned in Pubail area throughout the day.

Besides, Zayeda Khatun, mother of former mayor Jahangir Alam, campaigned in Cerage Ali market area of Tongi in the morning.

Mayoral candidates and their supporters went door to door and distributed leaflets asking voters for support and votes. They are making various promises to the voters this time.

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