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Thursday, 23 May 2024
Five teachers arrested on charge of fraud in Begumganj, another not yet arrested

Five teachers arrested on charge of fraud in Begumganj, another not yet arrested

Noakhali Correspondent

Five teachers of Lautli High School of No. 13 Rasulpur Union of Begumganj, Noakhali have been arrested by the police, one head teacher on charges of irregularities and corruption in the MPO.

The arrested Md Yunus Nabi alias Manik (55), head teacher of Narottampur Union High School of Kadirpur Union and deceased of Intu Driver of Rafiqpur village of Rasulpur Unionand.son of Abraham.

He was arrested by the police from the district town of Maijdi on Thursday at around noon. It is known that Ghiyas Uddin was caught by the police a few days ago. It is known that he was present at the assistant teacher recruitment board held at Lautli High School on November 15, 2016 and the teacher recruitment examination program. Conducted by arrested accused Md Yunus Nabi alias Manik. On this occasion, he appointed his wife Rokeya Begum as an assistant teacher through fraud.

On the said board, the former president of Lautli High School deceased Nurul Amin is shown as the president of the school management committee.

Actually Nurul Amin died 1 year before the incident. Nurul Amin's signature was forged. Former Headmaster of Lautli High School Ghiyas Uddin and President of Lautli High School Mahbubur Rahman Vijay along with members of the recruitment board bribed about half a million taka by making fake advertisements in fake newspapers, fake recruitment board, fake recruitment exam, fake number fard, resolution, recruitment and joining letter. By trade, five teachers were enrolled in MPO in 2019-2020. Later, the local member of parliament, Mamunur Rashid Kiran, gave a letter to the concerned office to cancel the MPO of the teachers who were illegally enrolled in MPO and take action against those involved in the illegal activities.

After a departmental investigation, it was proved that Nasreen Sultana Sumi (36), Rokeya Begum (38), Saifur Rahman. (38) was suspended and recommended to return the withdrawn salary allowance. Begumganj Model Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Anwarul Islam told Palli News that he was arrested on a warrant in a case of Duduk for forgery.

The accused was handed over to the Noakhali Chief Judicial Magistrate Court on Friday afternoon.

Noakhali CID OC Mohshahjan filed an investigation report against Noakhali CID OC Mohshahjan along with General Secretary of Union Awami League Mahbubur Rahman Vijay (50), son of late Mohammad Ibrahim of Rasulpur Union Lautli village No. 13 and former head teacher Mohd Ghiyas Uddin (65) son of deceased Habibur Rahman of Rafikpur village in the same union.

Till writing this report, Mahbubur Rahman Bijay, General Secretary of Rasulpur UP No. 13, Awami League has not been arrested.

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