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Wednesday, 22 May 2024
Divorce cases alarmingly up : Steps needed

Divorce cases alarmingly up : Steps needed

Israt Jahan

Divorce has become a disease now-a-days. It has become common matter. It has become an addiction in today's society. It was not so long ago that the word divorce was rarely heard in those days.

Living beautifully, happily, and peacefully was a popular addiction then. But as time passes, as the touch of modernity is felt, more and more people are reluctant towards domestic life.

Every man's first school is family. The first education comes from the family. But if the sound of separation continues to play in that family, it will have the biggest impact on the child in that family. A grown man has only one goal: to live happily with a beautiful family, laughing and playing, going back and forth.

But some life is sweet and some life is covered in darkness. While decorating the house of happiness, the word happiness is lost. The warmth of the blissful family gradually cools down. The family that is poured into this immediately sinks into a state of unhappiness. It is seen to break up over trivial matters. Which can be solved easily.

According to the data of Population and Housing Census-2022, the 'divorce rate is 0.42% considering the total population of the country.' According to a study, a divorce petition is filed every hour on a daily average.

Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics report shows that currently 10.8 percent of women and 1.5 percent of men are divorcing per thousand of the population. It shows that women are more at risk of divorce. The divorce rate is 1.3 percent per thousand in rural areas and 0.8 percent in urban areas.

According to research data, those who marry underage are more vulnerable. If someone applies for divorce within 90 days as per the rules, the arbitration department arranges a meeting to prevent the separation. As a result of this meeting, some people stick to the previous decision. Some people reject the application. But this rate is only 5 percent. This study is terrible for a country.

As the rate of divorce is increasing in recent times, many questions are being raised about the marital relationship. This relationship is a legal and social process. Currently, it appears that the majority of divorce cases are women. So the question may arise "Why?" Women's role in organizing a family is greater. But that woman is crushed. The present age is the modern age.

At this age, it is seen that both parents are employed. They are always busy in their busy lives. Many also expressed reluctance to give birth. After the birth of some children, their reluctance is manifested in their sense of responsibility. Where the mother has the biggest role in bringing up the child, the mother is busy with her work.

Then that child becomes a burden. As a result, the child grows up neglected. At one stage, family problems arise with it. The result of this problem is divorce. Looking at the 21st century, it can be seen that there is a huge gap between the women of that era and the women of the present era. In those days all authority was in the hands of men.

Women silently accepted all authority. But nowadays women have learned to stand on their own feet. Learned to keep up with men. And living like this is a sign of improvement on the one hand, but on the other hand, it is harmful. Naturally, women will work both inside and outside the home.

However, if you forget about the family only because you are busy with external work, there will be problems. Now the question may come, why do men not work in the family? Is it only the responsibility of women? A real man can help his wife with all the work in his family as well as outside work.

Men are not responsible for divorce? Of course responsible. Violence against women is very common nowadays. Torture for dowry is seen first by everyone. Dowry has become a disease in modern times. Marriage and dowry are closely related.

This practice of dowry, which exists from the distant past, was once confined to a certain group, but now it has spread everywhere. It can now be observed in the upper class, middle class, and lower class. Moreover, this practice of dowry is now established among all castes and religions. The view of girls in our society has not changed since the past.

Therefore, the custom of dowry has not changed. Despite the existence of anti-dowry laws in Bangladesh, dowry payment is being ignored as if it is an optional part of marriage. This dowry is very dishonorable for a girl. And for this dowry, heartbreaking events happen one after another. Day after day a girl is kept in the dark, and inhumane torture goes on. And the result is divorce. Sometimes the result is murder. Some men think women are commodities. They treat their wives as slaves, which is never desirable. That is why divorce is increasing.

When a family breaks down, it has the most devastating effect on the child. Parents started going around the court premises with the application for divorce. Then when the hour of parting rings, the thought of a new right stirs. My child will be with me - this sentence applies to both parents. And this is where the trouble begins.

As a result, the future rights of the child went to court premises. The helpless child is engrossed in counting the hours. Later the learned Court divided the day as many children wanted to live with both parents. Now the question is, after dividing this day, is the time that the child can spend with the parents enough for the child? In this way, can the child understand the absolute love of their parents? Its effects can be dire.

Divorce is never the best decision. Patience and mutual understanding are very necessary to arrange a family. There should be religious education, and mutual respect within a family.

Let the family stay warm forever because of the virtue of husband and wife, not divorce. As a result of divorce, the life of a child descends into a dark darkness. His life becomes unbearable, mainly because of people's thousands of questions.

He became burdened with one question after another. So it is recommended that every family should be aware of their children. However, if a woman confesses to torture shouldn't remain silent thinking about her child. If there is injustice, it should be protested.

However, all families should be aware of the nominal reasons for divorce. Let all the children grow up with their hands in their parents' hands, with the absolute love of their parents.

The writer is a student of the Department of English Chittagong College

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