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Friday, 12 April 2024
Diabetes Awareness Day: Awareness is needed to prevent diabetes

Diabetes Awareness Day: Awareness is needed to prevent diabetes

Dr. Muhammad Mahtab Hossain Mazed

Today, Wednesday, February 28, 'Diabetes Awareness Day 2024' and the 68th founding anniversary of Bangladesh Diabetic Association will be celebrated across the country through various programs.

And with the aim of making people aware about diabetes disease, on this day in 1956 AD, the Diabetic Association was established in Bangladesh by the initiative of Dr. Mo. Ibrahim. Every seven seconds in the world, one person is suffering from diabetes. This disease is now becoming an epidemic all over the world including Bangladesh.

The aim and objective of this day is to raise public awareness about the symptoms, treatment and control of diabetes. Currently there are about 54 crore diabetic patients in the world. In 2045, this number is expected to reach 78 crore. Of these, 79 percent live in low- and middle-income countries. 1.5 million people die of this disease every year. Most people do not know that they have diabetes. About 100,000 people die of this disease every year. On the other hand, according to the information of the International Diabetes Federation, Bangladesh currently has 1 crore 31 lakh people suffering from diabetes and the position of Bangladesh is eighth in the worldExperts fear that this number may double in the next four years. As such, it is feared that the number of diabetes patients, one of the four non-communicable diseases of the country, may reach one and a half crore by 2025.

People suffering from diabetes. And millions of people die every year from diabetes-related complications. Bangladesh has a high number of diabetics, so the rate of diabetes is increasing. In a developing country like Bangladesh, 26 out of 100 women suffer from gestational diabetes, 60 percent of whom later develop type-2 diabetes. . In 2019, Bangladesh was ranked 10th among the top 10 diabetic countries. But more terrible is that in 2030 and 2045, Bangladesh will be at the 7th position. Currently, the number of diabetes patients in the world is increasing at the highest rate in Bangladesh, India and ChinaDue to the lack of awareness about this, many diabetic patients in Bangladesh are affected by heart disease, stroke, kidney, eye and gum disease every year. Many suffer physical complications apart from being crippled, and many even die.

The aim and objective is to increase public awareness about the symptoms, treatment and control of diabetes. According to a statistic of the World Health Organization, the number of diabetes patients in the world was about 30 million in 1985, and now it stands at 37 million. Diabetes patients are increasing all over the world. 1 in 10 women have diabetes. From this year's theme, it is clear that women's diabetes has been specially emphasizedAccording to experienced doctors, as diabetes is increasing due to urbanization and changing lifestyle, the number of gestational diabetes is also increasing day by day. Studies show that more than half of women with gestational diabetes later develop type-2 diabetes. Even unplanned pregnancies result in malnourished children and the risk of developing diabetes is manifold if the child becomes overweight as an adult.

> How diabetes was born:- No one can say exactly how diabetes was born. However, the history of diabetes is ancient. The first concept of diabetes was found in 1862 in a pyramid in the ancient city of Thebes in Egypt, a disease report was discovered on the bark of the Parippus tree dated 1550 BCThe concept of diabetes was discovered by Hippocrates of ancient Greece, the father of medical science. At that time, it was called zia beted, which means the release of sugar. Millions of billions of cells are working every moment in our body. This task requires energy to be completed properly. Carbohydrates are the largest source of energy. These include rice, pulses, potatoes, vegetables, wheat, maize etc. After complex reactions, they become simple molecules suitable for our body cells. This simple molecule is glucose. Glucose molecules are taken up by body cells to produce energy through chemical reactions. This energy keeps the body moving.

But a hormone is needed for glucose to enter cells. Its name is insulin. Our body cells have a channel through which glucose enters the body. Normally the channel is closed. We can compare the whole thing as follows. Suppose a room in a house is a body cell. And the door of the house is the channel of insulin entry. Normally, just like we close and lock the door of the house for security, the glucose channel is also locked i.e. closed. Just as a key is needed to open a lock, so a key is needed to open a glucose channel. The name of this key is insulin. Without insulin, glucose cannot enter cells. As a result, the cells will not produce energy.

And cells can't do their job properly if they don't get energy. But there is an endless supply of glucose in the blood. But the cells have to be starved. When the blood glucose level increases, the frequency and concentration of urination increasesThis overall condition is known as diabetes mellitus or diabetes for short. Another name for this disease is polyuria for frequent urination. There is another similar disease called diabetes insipidus, where the patient also urinates frequently. But the disease we know around us as diabetes is diabetes mellitus.) Normal healthy people have 5.6 to 6.1 millimoles of glucose per liter of fasting blood. It increases two hours after taking food.

> Types:
We return to the previous example. Suppose your house is locked. Now think, under what circumstances you can't enter the house? First, if you don't have the key. And secondly, if the lock doesn't work despite having the key. Also diabetes can be due to some other reasons. Maternal diabetes is particularly important among them. It is called in English. Pregnant women require more insulin than normal. Because insulin is engaged in several other functions in the human body. Now if the mother's body is unable to produce enough insulin, then the glucose will naturally increase in the body. Some hormones are also from the placenta of pregnant women is secreted which is responsible for maternal diabetes. These women do not have diabetes after childbirth.

In addition, genetic reasons can cause diabetes. People with autism or Klinefelter syndrome are more likely to suffer from diabetes. Diabetes can also be caused by problems with the pancreas; For example, if there is cancer or infection in the pancreas, it can lead to diabetes. Hormonal problems can also cause diabetes. Cushing's syndrome or acromegaly, which is caused by hormones secreted by the thyroid gland, has implications for diabetes. Some medications can also cause diabetes. For example, medications such as glucocorticoids, thiazides or phenytoin may play a role in causing diabetes. Infections with cytomegalovirus, congenital rubella virus, or coxsackieviruses can cause diabetes.

> Symptoms of diabetes:
Frequent urination is the most common problem faced by diabetic patients. As a result, the fluid in the body decreases and thirst for more water. On the other hand, a condition of 'cellular starvation' is created in the body of people suffering from diabetes. As a result, the body sends a message to the brain that it is hungry. That is why diabetic patients are always hungry. They lose weight despite eating a lot. Tiredness surrounds you all the time. If a wound forms anywhere, it does not want to heal easily. Attacks of various skin diseases increase. Sexual ability gradually decreases in people with diabetes.

> Homeopathy:- The patient is treated, not the disease. For this, if an experienced homeopath can select the full symptoms of the patient and give metal treatment, then by the grace of God, diabetes can be treated in homeopathy. Initially, all the medicines that are selected by experienced doctors are Abroma Augusta, Cephalanda Indica, Cygium, Acid Phos, Arsenic Bromide, Acid Lactic, Uranium Nitre, Nux Introduct, Acid Acetic, Calcarea Phos and many other medicines can come on the symptoms so without an experienced doctor. Diseases if you use medicine yourselfCan reach more complex forms.*Suggestion:-
Weight is very important for diabetic patients. If the weight is high, it must be reduced through diet and exercise. Avoid sugary and sweet foods. Foods containing fiber should be included in the diet. It is best to follow a diet plan. If a person is taking insulin or other medications regularly, meals should be taken regularly. Because if a meal is omitted, its reaction can be severe.

Finally, weight is a very important issue for diabetic patients. If the weight is high, it must be reduced through diet and exercise. Avoid sugary and sweet foods. Foods containing fiber should be included in the diet. It is best to follow a diet plan. If a person is taking insulin or other medications regularly, meals should be taken regularly. Because if you skip a meal, its reaction can be severe. If you live a healthy and regular life, diabetes can be controlled. Today, diabetes has taken a terrible shape.

For this reason, it is essential to spread awareness among all. Because awareness can keep us away from this horrorA conscious and controlled lifestyle is the most necessary to control diabetes. It is not possible to prevent diabetes alone, the government will take initiatives and all institutions should be involved. According to the current estimates, 70 percent of the people dying in the country are dying from non-communicable diseases. One of the main reasons is diabetes. Diet is the number one cause of this disease. Number two is manual labor or walking. Know the risk of number three diabetes. According to the risk, follow the doctor's advice.

The Writer is a Founder Chairman,Jatiya Rogi Kallyan Society.

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