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Friday, 14 June 2024
Demo protesting increase of fertilizer price in Habiganj

Demo protesting increase of fertilizer price in Habiganj

Habiganj Correspondent

Despite the reduction in the prices of 4 types of fertilizers, Urea, TSP, MOP and DAP in the international market, a protest rally was held in Poddarbari market of Habiganj to protest against the increase in price by 5 taka per kg in Bangladesh and to demand fair price purchase of crops from farmers by opening government procurement centers in haat haats. .

The protest rally was held on Friday at 5 pm on the call of Bangladesh Farm Workers and Farmers Organization Poddarbari Regional Committee.

Under the chairmanship of Poddarbari regional committee president of the organization, farmer leader Zafar Ali and general secretary Gani Mia, chief organizer of Basad (Marxist) Habiganj district Comrade Shafiqul Islam, farmer leader Arab Ali, Atab Ali, Abdul Wasim, Delwar Hossain addressed the rally. Samchur Rahman, leader of Bangladesh Labor and Employees Federation Habiganj District, Abdul Majeed and others spoke in solidarity.

The speakers highlighted the information of the last March 13 merchant newspaper and said that in the international market, urea fertilizer decreased from 821 dollars to 313.5 dollars in the current month, TSP decreased from 794.9 dollars to 537.6 dollars, MOP decreased from 851.7 dollars to 453 dollars.

Dollar, DAP decreased to 606 dollars from 794.9 dollars. But the Awami League government increased the price of the mentioned 4 types of fertilizers by Tk 5 per kg on March 10 under the false pretext of increasing the price of fertilizers in the international market.

The speakers demanded withdrawal of this unreasonable increase in price and fixing of reasonable price within the purchasing power of the farmers.

Apart from this, he also demanded to buy paddy directly from the farmers at the price fixed by the government by opening the Hatte Hatte purchasing center.

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