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Wednesday, 29 November 2023
December 11 is Nandail Freedom Day

December 11 is Nandail Freedom Day

Mahbubur Rahman Babul from Nadail (Mymensingh)

On December 11,1971,Nandail Upazila of Mymensingh district was freed from the hands of Pakistani invaders and Razakar forces.

December 11 is Nandail liberation Day and martyrs Day. The day will be celebrated in various programmes. During the war of liberation Nandail police station office and it’s surrounding were the base of Razakar and pak invaders.

Freedom fighters conducted the war by staying there. So attacked the police station and Chase them away from there. The matter of the plan of the freedom fighters reached the hideous of fighters of the assassins through the brokers.

Without understanding the matter a group of freedom fighters attacked Nandail police station on the night of November 17. The freedom fighters were forced to retreat after 4 hours of fighting in front of the heavy weapon of the assassins.

But the freedom fighters of Nandail Shamsul Hoque and illias uddin were martyred in this ward. Since then, the level of torture by Razakar Al Badar and Pak invaders increased several times.

On the night of December 10 the freedom fighters took positions on the other three sides leaving the North side of Nandail police station open. They announced that they would launch a massive attack if they did not surrender. Hearing this announcement Razakar Al Badr along along with the pak army fled towards Atarobari through the northern road at night. After that a group of freedom fighters including Quyum Osman, Nurul Islam Fazlu and Shahid entered Nandail police station under the leadership of freedom fighter Farooq.

A team of police forces surrendered under the leadership of Subedar Taher who was stationed at the police station. Then at 2 am the freedom fighters hoisted the flag of independent Bengal there December 11 is regarded as Nadail's Martyrodem due to the liberation of the police station late at night on December 10.

Former freedom fighter commander of Nandail upazila Mazharul Hoque Fakir said that December 11 is a very significant and memorable day for the people of Nandail. Besides this day is a day of joy for us. I pray for forgiveness for all the martyrs in the month of victory on December 11.

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